The Thankless Task

Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Jack Fowler look back at the Devin Nunes investigation, discuss all the forbidden words, and examine the move of Jewish voters to the Right.

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7 thoughts on “The Thankless Task”

  1. Once again, Mr. Hanson brings out the reasons for the deterioration of our institutions and therefore our country. But as he states throughout the broadcast, not knowing what the solution would be is still an asset for these evil people. Without an offense, no team or country can turn the situation around and score. The middle class is finally waking up to what has happen during this bloodless take over of our culture but it will take time for them to prepare to fight back as a group. During that time, those who have the ability to organize them ( like Mr. Hanson and people like him ) must work together and use that time to prepare an aggressive plan that will use the power of the middle class to take back this country and it’s constitution.
    Hopefully, there is still enough time left for this to happen.

    1. My friend you place the responsibility of organizing a “plan” on people like Victor. But we have done that for years while we watch Fox News and yell at the tv while we “hope” somebody does Something. We (you) must do something. Something locally. Something at our local Republican Party , school board level. For example, I noticed the horrible Republican Party website design in our county. It’s so bad. It makes it almost impossible to refiwster to vote and register as a Republican. I was appalled as I attempted to get my wife registered to vote thru the Republican website. Im not a web designer but I know that this creates a huge barrier for us. And this is just one item. Out reach to Hispanics in our twxas counties is sorely needed as well. This all happens thru people like me and you at the most local level. Tucker Carlson, Victor amd Shawn Hannity can only do so much.

      1. Kevin Mcwhorter

        The dems with their ballot harvesting of the uneducated,are way ahead in terms of strategy. All the social programs are a form of candy that some cannot resist. The checks and balance have slowly been taken away.

  2. The description of university life and sexually transmitted diseases struck a chord in me. I got my medical degree between 1974 – 78. As a med student I saw gonorrhea and syphilis, but never herpes. I read about it once – it was one of those rare exotic diseases you read about once in med school, and never saw in your career. Of course, nobody was aware at the time, but a virus perfectly suited for the sexual mores of the time reached North America (for the second time) in 1976 – the Human Immunodeficiency Virus.

  3. Hi Victor, I never followed politics before Trump. It was so BORING! Was there any other administration that had so many back stabbers? It almost seem comical. I was wondering why a guy like Pompeo would want to run against his old boss. He seems so smart, and judicious…and I thought he liked Trump, until his book headlines came out: Pompeo Claims Trump Told Him to ‘Shut the Hell Up’ about China’s Covid Response. Now, I see why he wants to run.

    Only Trump’s family, Ben Carson, and a few others did not bad mouth Trump, our great president. I’d vote for Trump just to drive the back stabbers mad.

    1. My guess would be that guys like Pompeo couldn’t stand Donald Trump but chose to serve in his administration as a public duty (one that also served their egos). Once he turned on them because they wouldn’t offer him personal loyalty to the point of doing whatever he wanted or covering for what they saw as illegalities, they didn’t see any reason to stick with him: they would not be allowed to serve the public good nor enhance their own egos.

  4. Your assessment of the deterioration and sub standard quality of college graduates from BS to PhD is spot on When I interview candidates for hire from traditional academic powerhouse schools or work with these degree carrying professionals there seems to be a rather stark break in quality and general aptitude, preparation and applicable knowledge and critical thinking at around the year 2008 for obtaining the degree. And really gets poor post 2017. I would say in my opinion and experience it is about 20% good to average and, 80% poor to bad

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