Democratics Slipping

Join Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Sami Winc for this Friday news roundup: Mayorkas at the border, Bowman’s defeat, Blinken conflates anti-Semitism and Islamophobia, eight Tajikistani’s connected to ISIS-K, some of the 51 Laptop Hoaxers still working for CIA, and more.

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5 thoughts on “Democratics Slipping”

  1. Dear Dr. Hanson,

    For some further insight into the dumpster fire that is our southern border, and the nefarious types crossing it, I highly recommend watching The Shawn Ryan Show #116 with CIA targeter Sarah Adams. She explains the horrifying reality of who is coming through and what their recent shift in tactics means.

    President Trump used many of the same points and lines in the “debate” last night as he did during his recent appearance to the All-In Podcast… God I need less free time. Anyway, it is also worth a listen.

    Kind regards,
    Bryan S.

  2. Lloyd Maxwell

    Thank you for your insight into the peril of our Western culture. I apply a lot of your knowledge to our situation in Canada.
    Thank you
    Lloyd Maxwell

  3. dear victor, dear ‘marquis of queensbury’ victor.
    thank you for your ever growing resolve for indifference and fear of left canceling
    of self during a most critical challenge facing our country at this very moment. the tyranny and unconstitutional illegal tactics of the left agenda must be stopped and not with a peace sign or rules for battle.

    best regards,

  4. I did a fact check on 2024 Supreme Court decisions. The 3 Liberal justices don’t vote as a block all the time. This discussion came up at ~35m in the podcast.

    According to NBC News, there were 10 “blockbuster” cases in 2024, with 1 still pending (Presidential immunity, coming out on Monday).

    Ketanji Jackson Brown broke ranks with her Liberal peers 3 times in the 9 cases published. Sotomayor and Kagan voted in lockstep on all cases, being joined by one or more of Roberts, Kavanaugh, or Coney Barrett on 3 cases. Two cases were unanimous 9-0, and 1 case went 8-1.

  5. Homer Latimer

    Professor Hanson,

    In regards to racism against Asians, I have a personal anecdote. My working class white privilege necessitated my delivering televisions at night while an undergrad at Cal in the seventies. My experiences going from the Oakland Hills, to Richmond, to Alameda, to Moraga (sometimes in the same night) were fit for a Sociology course. Asian immigrants in cheap apartments invariably asked us to unbox the new units, cover with a blanket, and park discreetly so the black neighbors would not see. It was sad to see people living in fear.

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