Democracy, Euphemism and the British Empire

Join Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Jack Fowler for listener questions about the soundness of democracy, philology, compromise in Congress, and the British-American relationship.

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10 thoughts on “Democracy, Euphemism and the British Empire”

  1. Victor, for a moment my brain was truely enlightened. Too bad I couldn’t retain most of your insights and wisdoms that you so masterfully shared across so many topics in just 30 minutes talk. Mr. Barry Obama was a disappointment to say the least. He did a lot of bad things to hurt our country. So true!!!

  2. Many of the pro- vs. anti-abortion arguments concern themselves with the question of “When does human life begin?” I suggest that human life is CONTINUOUS. A living human sperm conjoins with a living human egg transforming them both into a single, unique human being with his or her unique DNA.
    If you want to talk about what “most” people believe, “most people” are oriental and they consider the person to be one year old at the time of birth.
    Separate topic. There is a strong “Gays against grooming” movement that believes in gay sexuality at the same time that it believes that children should be allowed to be children and that they will decide at the end of adolescence what their path will be.

  3. Victor, I believe that when proabortionist say what about incest, child rape, etc. They are saying as happens in your sector of society so often. As an insult.

  4. “. . . transition to radical democracy ~~ no longer a Republic . . . ”

    Not to speak ill the host of the show but he scares me when he screams about: “YOUR COUNTRY” blah blah blah. Isn’t it 𝘩𝘪𝘴 𝘤𝘰𝘶𝘯𝘵𝘳𝘺 too? Indeed Our Democracyᵀᴹ is no longer the country it once was . . . destroying statues of the Founding Fathers or Confederate generals – Our Democracyᵀᴹ no longer deserves these American heroes who would be ashamed and insulted to be affiliated with what this country has become!

    This was an enlightening statement from another website I probably would never have found if not referenced in the comments here. Often I complain and moan but today I thank the website and Prof. Hanson who have never censored any of my comments.

    1. Those Confederate generals were already ashamed of our country in their day as it wasn’t explicitly racist enough or elitist enough for them. They weren’t heroes. They were traitors hell bent on upholding a novel patron-client aristocracy based on the mass enslavement of West Africans. We have copious eye-witness accounts of the brutality and Nazi-level torture the Confederate ruling class inflicted on their slaves. Such behavior was already considered horrific by the rest of the western world in 1860. When you call these people heroes, you’re not only handing the Progressives an easy stick to beat their fellow Americans with, you are also scorching your own conscience and that of anyone who is tempted into agreeing with you on this particular point.

      1. Confederate soldiers including generals are Americans and veterans of a tragic, gory American war. What have these violent protestors done for their country?

        No amount of lashing from the politically correct overseers and their brand of historical revisionism will ever be enough to placate the mob cries for punishment – because there will never be enough reparations to atone for the sins of the dead past! – it’s always something more.

        What about the majority of the southerners owned no slaves at all? How about those northerners in Sherman’s army who had never seen a black person – what has become of Detroit, the Paris of the Midwest? Chicago? Enough security for Obama and his mansions (including on Martha’s Vineyard where the ‘residents’ called the military to remove the ‘migrants’) but the average person doesn’t have luxury secret service level security.

        Crime stats are clear on the horrific murders, tortures, and rapes in this country: race-based “hate crime” which is censored by the government and media more and more. Why is that so? Why is white supremacy – after school board and pro-life parents – the FBI’s top priority?

        1. Hmm. It seems you’re linking things here that don’t necessarily go together. Can you make your links plain?

          Confederate officers were aggressors, not victims. Their non-slave-owning troops gave their lives to support their overlords’ caste-based system. At best, they were doops, at worst, they were fighting for the idea that they were of a superior race and to maintain that privileged position. There is no necessary link between these facts and the rioting two Summers ago.

          Second, are you insinuating that Sherman’s troops fought to bring a inherently criminal class of African Americans to Chicago? There are so many problems historical and scientific with such an idea that I think you desperately need to clarify what you’re saying here.

          Finally, what does any of the above have to do with Ron Desantis sending 50 illegal immigrants to Martha’s Vineyard?

          For reference, I live in the Deep South and overwhelmingly vote Republican.

  5. Barbara Humphreys

    The Looney Left is particularly good at using the rare instance to justify sweeping changes in law. Incest leading to pregnancy, although as Theodore Dalrymple suggested on the podcast Triggernometry, the LL may soon push this incest as their next quest for “normalization”. Other examples: the BGTQ section of the Alphabet People. Very rare, which means these issues can be dealt with without turning every aspect of civil society upside down. But no, instead we all must knuckle under and allow our 5-year-old daughters to be subjected to trans men in their bathrooms and to participate in their sports. The LL is incapable of dealing with nuance. Think Dr. Dalrymple is over the top on incest? Think again. The most vile of humans, the pedophile, is being “Normalized” by the LL now, in real time. This is end-of-days stuff.

  6. I think of it more as the Progressives using a secularized Christian ethical system to justify ancient views on sexuality. The Egyptians and Persians practiced incest. Most ancient peoples married their cousins to keep property in the clan. Sexual morals were based on the social status of the participants -otherwise, it was all fair game.

  7. With respect to the abortion discussion, if there weren’t laws on the books to protect children from being killed by their parents, millions of lives would be snuffed out tomorrow.

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