Debate, Campaign and Our Anti-Israel Administration

In this episode, Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Jack Fowler talk about the DeSantis-Newsom debate, Trump on BLM, Blinken clipping the heels of Israel, and a memoriam of Henry Kissinger.

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8 thoughts on “Debate, Campaign and Our Anti-Israel Administration”

  1. Things are certainly coming to a head and it is not looking good all the Jew hate that is being spewed and in the US is hard to believe .It is a fact that the administration does nothing and Bribeme has stabbed Israel in the back then calls for a cease fire . Any one with a half brain knows that this will just prolong what has to happen if Israel is to survive . I notice all the end of the world programs on tv now and it could very well be the start of the end but it seem to me that a lot still has not happened that the Bible says will happen before the end. All I know is the Jew bashing has been going on for a long time they have just became more open about it in the past little while

  2. RE Trump and BLM. Remember when Trump destroyed Ted Cruz after Ted sniffed about NY values? Ted was willing to punt NY. Trump wasn’t. Trump also campaigned in Vermont even though his chances there were nil. Trump reaches out. Jack doesn’t. That’s one reason why Trump carried Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Michigan, etc while Karl Rove loses election after election as his narrower and narrower road to the White House never seems to play out the way he hopes.

  3. A pleasure as always listening to your wisdom Victor. However I disagree about the upcoming democrat convention. As seen in San Francisco and Seattle the left can clamp down easily on dissent.
    And I have to say that was the worst impression of Dr Kissinger I have ever heard. And he is known for being one of the easiest to impersonate.

  4. no sami wink! she’s awful! interrupts, says dumb things, is not deep thinker, makes weird sounds.

    jack fowler host is great.

  5. Jessica Stewart

    Much of the ‘hate’ is envy. That clarifies things some. Many, if not most people, can’t personally relate to free-floating envy any more than they can to crazy hate, but can imagine it more. Those who live by envy don’t believe in sin…or God. Psychopaths and their followers were suppressed to a degree after WW2, and the goofy Rousseauian myth, we’re all basically good, replaced vigilance, giving evil safe-space to take on the civilized again. Clarity-and-Courage need to depopulate bystanderism and defeat the soul-less.

    Advise your listeners that no election will be won with trump and war with the other Republicans ( Romney..Bush..Rove etc..) PARTY UNIFICATION REQUIRED TO WIN WAR IN 24.


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