Covid19 Policy Climax

Join Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Jack Fowler as they discuss the Supreme Court ruling on mandates, Rand Paul’s challenge to Fauci in Senate hearings, Covid policy weaponized, the Left in the shape of the Confederacy, and Winter Olympics in China.

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6 thoughts on “Covid19 Policy Climax”

  1. Wi lFaci go to jail for lying to Congress?
    Will the bidens and Clinton’s ever be prosecuted for their alleged crimes?
    And on and on.

  2. These podcasts get almost no comments. Why is that?
    VDH says all the things that we, the great unwashed masses are thinking but the courage or wisdom to say.
    Thank you Sir, for saying what we cannot. You will never know how much that means to us.

  3. Good morning, much as I enjoy videos, I prefer to have the option to read the transcript or paper, please. It’s an irregular indulgence to stay captive for a full 35+ minutes, the consequence is not benefitting from any of VHs thoughtful perspectives.
    Thank you- Erin Abraham

  4. I so appreciate what you are doing, saying and writing regarding our current circumstances. I sometimes share your content with a few of my more “moderate” liberal friends most if whom react, if not favorably, at least with reasoned dissent. I think that speaks well for your approach.
    Additionally, I’m amazed at your ability to recall relevant details regarding incidents such as the antifa riots and the January 6th capital incursion. We are relatively close to the same age but my ability to recall such details is sorely lacking. I admit to a certain degree of envy.
    Gods blessings.

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