COVID science perverted by elites for ideological and financial gain: Victor Davis Hanson

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5 thoughts on “COVID science perverted by elites for ideological and financial gain: Victor Davis Hanson”

  1. The CV 19 pandemic allow the Democrats to claim there was a crisis for which the Republicans and Mr. Trump were responsible and therefore the following was necessary and without much debate;
    1. It was obviously time to remove the R leadership from the White House; 2.
    2. Second, ideas that were once considered radical or idiotic would become acceptable if labeled correctly (follow the science) with the right sounding description to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic;
    3. Third, driving the country toward panic allowed the Democrats to prevent people from even thinking about what it was they were panicking about and prevented people from thinking about what it was that was being offered as a solution, whether the lockdowns, mask wearing or more importantly expenditures of multi trillions of dollars to transform America to the Third World banana republic/socialist utopia envisioned by Barack Obama, and of course the good folks from the “yellow submarine.”

  2. Steve Martyak, M.D.

    “Leave a reply” makes me feel you WANT a reply rather than if I want to give one here is how/where.

    Please accept great gratitude from me for all you do for the conservative point of view and clarity of issues beautifully articulated. Your teachings on WWII provide a unique perspective I never realized.

    I particularly enjoy how for each point you want to make you are able to support the point with more than one example.

    Your insights of contemporary issues, i.e.., political, cultural, economic, social, in all media, e.g. written word, podcast and tv commentary cut nicely and politely to the chase.

    Optimism, Inc. is a lovely folio, along with American Greatness and your podcasts…I indulge myself on all of them.

    I feel for all your efforts and for the Hoover Institution’s support, the least I can do is say a most gracious thank you for your time and efforts.

    May you far outlive me, because I am not sure I want a week without the joy of reading/listening to your thoughts.


  3. Why isn’t anyone working around the clock to get the Republicans who went into the capital on Jan 6 out of prison? We hear they’re in solitary confinement for following Antifa/BLM thugs (dressed as Trump supporters) into the capital building. They didn’t threaten or hurt anyone while capital police shot and killed an ex-military woman, Ashli Babbit. No one is talking about it and we’re shocked that Conservatives are stuck in a prison for this. It’s outrageous along with every other thing these F Dems get away with. Conservatives don’t carry ropes, bricks, high end camera equipment, walkie talkies, bats, pepper sprays, etc. to a rally. They don’t take money from Soros funded groups to travel and stay in hotels.
    Please speak out for these patriotic Americans.

  4. I’m full of emotion(s) today regarding the Fauci email dump. So many, worldwide suffered – at such a cost we may never truly grasp.
    And for what? Who really gained from the lies – the betrayal – the con? The common person certainly did not. Media, Politicians, Pharma, and Corporations certainly have gained some wealth in the pandemic. Many small businesses will never recoup. I understand a selected few want a so-called World Order and care very little about the “little” person, the majority… us – the general public.
    We witnessed several top politicians ignoring their own lockdown orders. Rules for the, not for me.
    When the personal, financial and spiritual costs came to be so great – plastered on the daily news reports, I wondered how a person, a group, a collective few – could profit off of so much loss from others. What the heck is going on? Could this all be political in nature? WTF?
    I will never look at Fauci any other way after today – his heart is twisted.
    Just a rant here… I hope we get answers some day.

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