Covid and the Future of Viruses: Dr. Steven Quay

In this weekend episode, Victor Davis Hanson interviews Dr. Steven Quay on the recent news on COVID’s origins, publishing in the scientific community, and the value of gain-of-function research.

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11 thoughts on “Covid and the Future of Viruses: Dr. Steven Quay”

  1. Another great interview! Repeat guests are always great for building up understanding of a subject over the long haul. Thanks!

  2. The quality of your intelligence and community is entirely dependent upon the quality of the questions asked. Did anyone question the interest the Soviets had, and after they made our ground bounce, turning us all into fertilizer? Going full Carthage on us. And how far along was that program? Located near Chernobyl perhaps. Treaty? Without bilateral supervision, so what? Why should we expect different? Count the white Chinese Vans and hazmat suits in the vicinity of the Ebola outbreak. What might they be studying?. What so we need are forensics, publicly provable of the nation state that killed us. So we can use the threat of WMD. To constrain its. Alsop What became of the Australian rabbit pox work? At the final review the researchers looked at each other and said Oh my God what have we done? After publishing the recipe. Move along people nothing to see her because if it eere acknowledged the NSF, of the peers, by the peers and for the peers would have to end funding. Entire livelihoods livelihoods ended because of regulation and treaties and new law. lifetimes of work and prestige cast on the garbage heap of history. Even if in 100 years it would have stopped an ELE. But as perfection is not of this Earth, there is no such thing as secrets or privacy. See the text by Fernandez and Spix, Open Curtains That observes that as perfection is not of this earth It is impossible to prevent others from appropriating our privacy., In any form, our bits, So overtime all of that wo

    1. Serpentor of the Third Circle, Keeper of the Shiny Thing

      In the House at Rel’yeh, Dead C’thulhu lies dreaming. For that is not Dead which can Eternal lie, and with Strange Aeons, even Death may Die.

      Necronomicon, John Dees translation

      Utter your mystic meta-babble, George Spix! The two leggers have been warned time and again and do not heed.


      Serpentor of the Third Circle, Keeper of the Shiny Thing

  3. My comments are tempered today due to my profession. I do want to thank you for an excellent podcast and your interview with Dr. Quay. It’s so hard to believe that labs continue to develop infections/diseases more lethal than Covid. God help us.

  4. Frankly, been glued to Blade of Perseus in hopes of getting something, anything from
    Professor Hanson on the indictment and actual expected surrender (surrender?) of the leading political opposition candidate for the president of the United States to a Soros funded leftist city prosecutor. We have entered the twilight zone of the twilight zone. The lack of the usual rapid incredibly informative response or addressing of such a remarkable occurrence from Dr. Hanson really scares the hell out of me for what the future holds for our children and grandchildren. Am I missing something? And as always, Thank You Dr. Hanson for sharing your deep knowledge and sense of our past and present to nelp us try to understand how we got here. Valuable beyond words.

    1. These podcasts are not recorded daily. I suggest you check out Victor’s twitter feed as he had some immediate remarks there, and he also spoke profoundly on Tucker Carlson’s show immediately after Trump’s MaraLago speech on Tuesday night.

  5. Hi Victor,
    Great podcast with Dr. Quay! I see a lot of parallels between Fauci and Lysenko. The main difference is that Lysenko could have his critics sent to the gulag. I’m sure Fauci envies Lysenko!

  6. Dr. Quay’s August revelation was explosive. This one is horrific, like waking up in the morning to see Frankenstein’s monster standing on the front lawn. I’m wondering, has MAD been replaced by MAA (mutual assured attrition)? It may be crucial that the population learns infection control, as practised by clinical staff, keeping some supplies at home. Hope needs preparation.

  7. Great podcast and superb discussion, I fear you underestimate yourself as an interviewer. Of course we all greatly appreciate Jack and Sami, who do a spectacular job. I have a military history question in relation to a devastating epidemic. In the fourteenth century the bubonic plague killed at least 30% of the population (1348 -1350). Was there any difference in the fighting strategy/mobilization/logistics between Crecy in 1346 and Poitiers 1356?

  8. Shouldn’t someone ask Dr Quay about being CEO of Atossa Therapeutics and failure to benefit shareholders? The share price has gone from $9.60 to $.70 in a year, shareholders have suffered, not Dr. Quay. I would like to see what Dr Quay has to say about his company and the stock performance, along with his thoughts on Covid.


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