Courts and Cases

Victor Davis Hanson talks with Sami Winc about Miranda Devine’s new book The Laptop from Hell, how court cases are used for political advantage, and Kamala Harris’ vice presidency.

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2 thoughts on “Courts and Cases”

  1. As an Irish American from N.E., I collect odd slurs for white people -as prep-school kids we traded them like baseball cards. Your use of “white devil,” is an interesting deployment of the South Chinese slang “gui lo”. Not to be confused with the earlier “yang keu ze” (sp?) Which is a zoological definition that simply places white smokers outside of the technical definition of “human” and into the technical category of “demon”. Were you thinking of the famous blacksploitation spoof “Undercover Brother” and it’s infamous “White She Devil”? Google it. She scares me!

    On a more serious note, Sami snuck it Camus’ “The Stranger” and you responded with Zola and The Dryfus Affair. Can we get a podcast comparing that to the recent trials? I would really like to hear that. Anyone else out there interested too? Please chime in!

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