Conservative Documentaries and the Government Media: An Interview with the Packs

Victor Davis Hanson interviews Thomas and Michael  Pack about their efforts to reform government media and promote conservative documentaries.

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15 thoughts on “Conservative Documentaries and the Government Media: An Interview with the Packs”

  1. Stormy Weatherbee

    I thought that Mr. Hansen did a fantastic job of asking realistic questions that helped Mr. Pack tighten up his vision even more. This was a lively and informative conversation.

    The DEMOCRAT LEFT reigns,
    Having decimated the peaceful
    Republic, Supreme Leader Biden
    now deploys his merciless
    legions to seize military
    control of the galaxy.
    Only General Kennedy’s
    band of RESISTANCE fighters
    stand against the rising
    tyranny, certain that Jedi
    Master Donald Trump will
    return and restore a spark of
    hope to the fight.
    But the Resistance has been
    exposed. As the Democrat Left
    speeds toward the courthouse,
    the brave heroes mount a
    desperate escape.

  3. Thanks for this. I’ve just about given up on PBS documentaries. Maybe a decade+ ago I started noticing that the last 10 minutes were always about how it’s all man’s fault. Now they’ve gone 100% propaganda. Now when/if I watch its usually to teach my grandkids how to watch defensively and spot the lies. I think there was a climate doc, with a family getting into a boat to cross the street, but if you looked in the background you could see the water was only like an inch deep.

  4. I remember the first time I watched Errol Morris’s documentary the Thin Blue Line. It was such a powerful account of one man’s struggle to find justice. You can’t help but have empathy anf compassion for Randall Adams after seeing the Kafkaesque nightmare the State had imposed on him, and realizing he could’ve just as easily been you or I.

    The film changed my opinion of the death penalty. I’m not saying there aren’t plenty of scumbags that deserve to be put down for their grotesque crimes; I just don’t think the State should have such enormous and irreversible power.

    The 1963 Gideon decision probably saved Adams’s life.

  5. Dr. Hanson,

    I’ve heard you allude to the left’s “Long March Through Institutions” in multiple occasions. (It was almost a dominant theme of this discussion.)

    It seems to me that classical values cannot possibly reclaim western culture without our own “Long March Through the Institutions”.

    The left largely did theirs unopposed. We will not have that same luxury.

    I’d love your thoughts on the dynamics of such a long game.

    I’m not much younger than you, so it’s a movement that we would likely not live to see come to fruition.

    Carpe Diem


  6. looks more like mud wrestling than governing …

    cautiously optimistic this too shall pass … until the next shiny object arises to cause us all a serious case of whiplash .. we dust ourselves off & get back in the fray

    this steam cleaning of the GOP over the short term could prove to be painful & debilitating ..
    but absolutely necessary

    the 45th President of these United States was undermined most deliberately by a Republican Speaker whose allegiance lay with the career politicos on both sides of the Beltway aisle … a stealthy snake in the grass

    self-serving RINOs (portraying themselves as sharing our values) do more damage than mindless Dems with no principles bent upon winning at all costs without regard for the damage done to this great nation

    we seek out virtuous persons devoted to upholding the Constitution & its original intent ..

    that reality places the burden of the this nation’s survival squarely upon the voters’ shoulders .. non transferable & precious

    no shirking our sacred responsibility will be permitted nor encouraged


  7. Notes:

    1. Michael and Thomas Pack produce non-leftist documentaries and aid others who would like to get started.

    2. Journalism seeks to present all viewpoints to an issue.

    3. The Packs are attempting to contact the majority of Americans who are not highly ideologistic.

    4. The majority of the media fails to cover stories that do not promote leftist ideology.

    5. Film is more free to inform and educate people than working through the leftist bureaucracy of the government, academia, and other means of communication.

    6. Ideas influence people and culture.

    7. Short documentaries are needed for broadcast organizations.

    8. There is opportunity for people to produce informative film.

    9. Americans are showing recent motivation to dispute the Left’s values and programs.

    10. Films tell stories.

  8. Rioting During the Summer of 2020

    1. 14,000 arrests

    2. Two billion dollars worth of property damage

    3. 1,500 police officers injured

    4. 35-40 police officers killed

    5. Arson, looting, vandalism, rioting

    6. Washington D.C. – an attempt to burn down a police precinct, an attack on a federal courthouse, the burning of a historic Episcopol Church, and the president taken to a bunker for safety

    7. Kamala Harris said that the mahem will not stop

    8. Molly Ball wrote in Time magazine the Democrat strategy to win the 2020 presidential election included modulating rioters

    9. The attacks on America seem to be coordinated, perhaps with Democrat politicians

    10. Seattle’s Capitol Hill area taken over by rioters.

  9. 2020 Rioters Takeover of a Portion of the Capitol Hill Area in Seattle

    1. 6 blocks of the Capitol Hill neighborhood was controlled by rioters from June 8th to July 1st of 2020.

    2. Area was renamed the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ) or Capitol Hill Organized Protest (CHOP) or Free Capitol Hill

    3. East Police Precinct abandoned despite not being under attack

    4. Rioters were allowed to establish 6 square blocks of confiscation and rule including setting up barricades, prohibiting entry into the area, and patroling with rifles.

    5. Two murders occurred, the second murder of an unarmed teenage boy driving a stolen vehicle in the riot controlled district was shot and killed by an unknown shooter which motivated the police to take back control of the neighborhood.

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