Confronting the Left

Listen in as Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Jack Fowler discuss Project Veritas’s new sting, Ron DeSantis’s new law, how the left abandoned appeasement of Putin, the damage done by Biden’s geopolitics, and the polls on patriotism.

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6 thoughts on “Confronting the Left”

  1. Brian O'Connor

    Victor, if you got 50,000 miles out of one of those gas-to-diesel converts before it failed catastrophically, good on you!

    My best friend got roughly 32,000 miles on his Olds before it failed. And I got just about the same from my Chevy Caprice!

    Me to the repair guy: “My heater isn’t working properly. It blows cold air when I’m going up hill, warm coming down.”

    3 hours later:

    Him. “There’s a hole in your radiator and we’ve sent it out for repair.”
    Me. “What caused that.”
    Him. “Increased pressure in the cooling system.”
    Me: “What caused that?”
    Him: “I’ll call you back.”

    2 hours later.

    Him. “Your head gasket blew. Compression pressure was released into your cooling system.”
    Me. “What caused that?”
    Him. “We’re tracking that down.”

    2 hous later.

    Him. “Well, the head is warped.”
    Me. “Gulp. How much will it cost to fix?”
    Him. “About $1,500.” (I was making about 15K at the time.)
    Me. “What is the alternative?”
    Him. “We could put a target engine in it. It’s 20K, but you get a 1 year warranty.”

    Good times, those. NOT

  2. The gender dysphoria movement is designed to weaken people’s self-confidence and make them doubt everything about themselves. My students in high school are losing their minds and making teachers lose heart and hope, too. It will be judged by history to be a moment of mass hysteria

  3. As a former teacher, my concern with expanded sex ed for younger students is that it will be a huge draw and cover for pedophiles. Because this is so political, the people who purvey this education are unlikely to be rigorously trained and screened. The LGBT+ community has often been unfairly slandered in this regard, so I am worried that in their rush to make sure budding members of their community are protected, they will foolishly squelch any efforts to guard against predators. I’ve never met a transgender predator, but I have run into a predator and his enabler, and this sort of education with prepubescent and early pubescent children is tailor made for that sort.

  4. Always great to hear your thoughts and insights. Your calm, succinct comments, historical perspective and analysis are a breath of fresh air. One of the aspects of your podcasts I enjoy most are your tangents to your life growing up on a farm. Discussions of your family, ancestry and time on the farm remind me of stories my grandfather would tell me growing up. It was a time of hard work, gratitude and the appreciation for what you had rather than an envy of what you didn’t have. I recall stories of my grandfather going to his friend’s farm as a retired construction worker to level a field because he was the only one that could drive a Caterpillar D-10 and would toil all day in return for bushels of strawberries or blueberries. It was a time of self-satisfaction for a job well done and your stories give all of us hope for the possibility to get back to that mindset at some point in the future. Thank you!

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