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Comeuppance, Conquest and Terror

Victor Davis Hanson talks with cohost Sami Winc about the Wray and Garland testimonies to the House, Alexander the Great’s life and legacy, and terrorism 30 years after the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center.

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7 thoughts on “Comeuppance, Conquest and Terror”

  1. I particularly liked the section on Bush in this podcast. The segment really strove for balance on an issue that we’re now far enough away from to attempt a less politically-urgent, and therefore biased, assessment. It’s also a good reminder that this issue hasn’t gone away and will be returning again and again in the coming years.

  2. Great podcast today. You perfectly captured the insidious ultra left’s creation and use of the Mad Hatter Brandon Trojan Horse. We make fun of it and call it out but it has worked to effectively condense a decade of required weakening of our country into 2 years. Garland’s absurd statement about day vs night crime was a dog whistle saying to America we are in charge, what are you going to do about it….. it’s time we stop pointing out what has been obvious and start thinking about how to correct it. It was refreshing to see the inner comedian of Victor today. The way you described the mad presidents week had me in stitches laughing so hard…..but see first half of my comment. Looking forward to the guest list you spoke of, can I request a follow podcast with Scott Atlas and perhaps other Stanford scientists that correctly spoke about Covid and policies to combat it. Perhaps a 1.5 hour round table format.


      “Garland’s absurd statement about day vs night crime was a dog whistle saying to America we are in charge, what are you going to do about it….. ”

      I disagree. I see it as an unintentional admission that progressive policies on law and order don’t work. A progressive will never admit it openly, but in saying that they can enforce the law at night is as close as we’ll get to it.

      1. Thank you fellow listener for engaging with my comment. I see your point. I agree with that assertion. So do you think in that instant that Garland is desperately looking for sympathy because his hands are tied or is it a calculated response to provide any kind of silly answer to justify his asymmetric policy

  3. Victor and Sami, I really enjoy the weekly history lessons. This week’s topic of Alexander the Great was really interesting. I had to listen to this segment twice since there was so much information. What a shame that disagreements about historical interpretation cannot be civilly debated. You are correct about the de-masculinization of society. Government can then step in as the ultimate “provider”. Excellent podcast with so much packed into this episode.

  4. barbara deSpain

    Thank you for telling it like it is with Joe Biden. The touching, whispering, blowing in girls hair is sickening. (showering with your daughter etc I would say they are the signs of a pedophile. And the screaming about Donald Trump’s treatment of grown women by the left and me-too people? Unbelievable! Are these Democrats so blinded by the need to retain power that they will throw anyone under the bus who questions this sick man’s mental health. He probably should be in jail for these crimes alone! Yet no one on the left will say: the EMPEROR HAS NO CLOTHES! Remember some Secret Service details (women) wanted to quit because Biden refused to stop swimming in the nude?

  5. The description is fairly accurate with one sin of (commission?) omission ~10:30 Along with playing video games, surfing the net, etc. — add listening to the VDH SHOW !!!

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