Dr. Gay Still President at Harvard and The Odyssey

On this episode, join Victor Davis Hanson and co-host Sami Winc as they discuss Harvard University President Dr. Gay and her continued employment at the school, what has higher education in America become today, Hunter Biden no-showing his congressional testimony this week, and in this week’s literature through time segment, Victor examines Homer’s The Odyssey.

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17 thoughts on “Dr. Gay Still President at Harvard and The Odyssey”

  1. Wow Dr. Hanson, thank you for your gifted honesty. The clarity of your insights into the present trends in our society. And thank the WWW for giving you the opportunity to talk and your listeners the opportunity to hear you. I’m not guilty as an Italian American am I? Am I white?

  2. I LOVE VICTOR DAVIS HANSON BECAUSE HE IS BOTH INTELLIGENT AND REAL, THAT IS, DOWN TO EARTH. He talks to us as fellow human beings and shares appropriate experiences from his personal life. Then he goes on to inspire me, again, to revisit the ancient greeks.
    Mr. Hanson, I wonder what you think of Theodore Alios Buckley’s introduction to Odyssey, the one translated by Alexander Pope. It is VERY long but important. Thank you for all of the work you do at the Hoover
    Institute and all you do for our State of CA.
    We are in dire straits. But the work you do gives me hope.

  3. In reference to the discussion on Harvard University President Dr. Gay’s DEI credentials, and her lack of merit that has stood by her all throughout her career, allow me to quote from Thomas Sowell’s recent book – “Social Justice Fallacies”, 2023

    “Progressives of the early twentieth century shared more than a name with Progressives of a later era, extending on into our own times. While these different generations of Progressives reached opposite conclusions on the reasons for racial differences in economic and social outcomes, they shared very similar views on the role of government in general and judges in particular. They also had similar practices in dealing with empirical evidence. Both remained largely impervious to evidence or conclusions contrary to their own beliefs.” – Thomas Sowell

    DEI truly is a sickness of society, as Prof. Hanson points out, in his comparison to similar societal sicknesses like “the Soviets in the ’30’s or ’40’s, or Mao’s cultural revolution”.

    We have “written off the humanities, and social sciences” to DEI. I think there’s a grave danger there, as this corrosive ideology has the capability of springing up anew like a cancer to reinfect the host if any element of it remains in a society.

    Like any patient who has received a dire diagnosis, I hope we all can be cancer free in the future.

  4. Hober,

    Well said.

    When you look at the long road to overturn Plessy/Ferguson which led to the landmark voting and civil rights legislation of the 1960’s and compare those righteous struggles to the current DEI hustle you’re left saddened, angry, and disgusted.

  5. If the goal of DEI and its affirmative action predecessor was to make me judge someone based on race in a negative fashion, they have succeeded. Sad, really. What am I to deduce when the dentist/doctor/surgeon/pilot introduces themselves and they have been a beneficiary of these policies and programs? That I am in the hands of the most qualified person, or that I am gambling my life with a possible simpleton that was handed a degree/certification based on their lack of “whiteness”? They have created exactly what they claim to fight against.

  6. This “DR” Gay remains in charge of a disgusting Indoctrination organization – the ERSTWHILE revered Harvard University because we now live in a radical LEFT ridden cessss pool. Get rid of this piece of detritus or join the dance circling the drain.

  7. I wonder if President Gay ever did any acting. I was watching a crime drama on woke Netflix last night, called “3 Days”. The Black woman detective looked just like Dr.Gay! Same buzz cut hair, same complexion, facial features, same ugly large thick black glasses that so many woke women disfigure themselves with now days. For reasons that totally elude me, esp. my having been seriously vision disabled when younger, very vain, and couldn’t wait to get rid of glasses. lol

  8. Thank you, Dr. Hanson & Ms. WInc, for discussing the Odyssey. In the quiet years after he returns, does Odysseus he ever rethink his hardships, see them as exciting adventures, and get restless for more? I love how Tennyson explores that possibility in his poem “Ulysses.”

  9. I wouldn’t dignify this unqualified hack with the title Dr., lest I should cheapen all others who ARE qualified to use that title in front of their name.

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  11. If you haven’t noticed Dr Gay isn’t White and she isn’t a man therefore the rules don’t apply and she can never be fired or even criticized.

  12. Arnold H Schanfield

    I cannot get enough of Victor Davis Hanson. Between watching him on Laura In Graham and his weekly column in the Epoch Times, it is still not enough. Brilliant!

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