Victor Davis Hanson Show

Classics, Myth, Inflation and Disease

Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Jack Fowler discussion the importance of a classical education, BLM mythologies, prioritizing military spending, and Covid19 rhetoric dying faster than the disease.

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10 thoughts on “Classics, Myth, Inflation and Disease”

    1. Standard college texts for Classical History:

      Oxford Illustrated History of Ancient Greece and the Hellenistic World
      Oxford Illustrated History of Ancient Rome
      Women in the Classical World by Shapiro et al.
      Ancient Greece from Prehistoric to Hellenistic Times by Martin
      From the Gracchii to Nero by Scullard

      Classical Texts:
      Homer Iliad and Odyssey
      Hesiod Theogony and Works and Days
      Sappho Poetic Fragments
      Aeschylus Oresteia
      Sophocles The Three Theban Plays
      Euripides Bacchae
      Aristophanes Lysistrata
      Menander Dyskolos
      Plato Meno, Euthyphro, Apology, Crito, Phaedo, Symposium, Republic
      Aristotle Nicomachian Ethics
      Demosthenes Phillipics
      Herodotus The Persian Wars
      Thucydides Peloponnesian War
      Xenophon Anabasis
      Apollodorus of Rhodes Argonautica
      Polybius The Histories
      Arrian The Life of Alexander
      The New Testament
      The Apostolic Fathers
      Athanasius Why God Became Man and The Life of Saint Anthony
      Plautus Plays
      Terence Plays
      Catullus Poems
      Caesar The Gallic War
      Sallust The War With Jugurtha and Cataline Conspiracy
      Livy Histories
      Tacitus Annals
      Seutonius The 12 Caesars
      Cicero any and all
      Virgil Aeneid
      Horace Odes
      Ovid Art of Love and Metamorphoses
      Lucan Pharsalia
      Petronius Satyricon
      Juvenile Satires
      Plutarch Parallel Lives
      Marcus Aurelius Meditations
      Ammianus Marcellinus Res Gestae
      Apulieus The Golden Ass
      Saint Augustine Confessions and City of God
      Boethius Consolation of Philosophy

  1. Stephen MacDonald

    I have no problem increasing defense spending. I have a huge problem doing it with the current military leadership. We need a George Marshal and Frank Knox, supported to the hilt – who can cut out the dead wood and pick the right people. Spending hundreds of Billions, without getting the right people in place, is a waste. We do not have the right people, nor the right culture, in place now.

  2. Carolyn Conway

    I want to thank your parents for producing an exceptional child, full of curiosity and the terrific memory. You put things in perspective for me and bring to mind events I had forgotten.

  3. Carolee Wilson

    I find it funny that they want to get rid of dead white males. Next time someone spews Marxist crap at me I am going to say – ” You are just spouting stuff dreamed up by Marx. He is just another old white guy. I think he was a white supremacist. . Why would I listen to that?”

    This was taped before the CDC came out & said that they were going to continue to force you to wear masks on airplanes. This administration brings stupidity to soaring new heights. It’s almost an art form at this point. It’s like the Babylon Bee without the humor.

    Moments that made me chuckle: BLM they are a Black version of the Lincoln project…… I’m not going to be the last person standing when the music stops.

  4. Dan-el Padilla-Peralta should quit his job if he hates his field so much. I know 4 qualified women who would fill his male slot and discharge it with soulful excellence. I remember one of their papers being so beautiful I wept while editing it.
    Classical education in N.E. raised me to the level of a prince whose grandparents crawled out of the Lawrence ghetto. It did the same for my Okie spouse. Those who want to ban it couldn’t even form their arguments without pitting one part of its legacy against the others.

  5. Ps- I demand that Victor compose a hexa meter poem of Jussie’s Subway-wielding arestiea. Points if he has a ring composition description of the label on the bottle of bleach.


    Peralta proves George Orwell’s observation that there are some ideas so absurd that only an intellectual can believe them.

    @34:00 ff What Professor Hanson describes here is a form of soft fascism. It’s a nexus of State and big business combines to influence their market. As Jack points out, “It’s baked in the cake”. And this is not limited to the armaments industry, that Eisenhower warned about. It’s every business, and quasi-business organization-medicine, education. It is the natural corollary of having a large State that has penetrated into every sphere of life. It started in the 1890s. It has grown steadily ever since, whether fast, under some administrations, or slowly or even with a pause under others.

    And those generals who are Professor Hanson’s former friends only advertise their moral bankruptcy, their moral cowardice, by turning on him for telling the truth.


    @46:40 “Publicity moths”. That’s too genteel for me. I call ’em publicity whores.

    @52:52 That the COVID shot could suppress a person’s immune system if he has a natural low white blood cell count, that this is known to be the case with the flu vaccine, reminds me of how deep the culture of expertism is rooted in our society. People listen to experts, in this case, medical experts, and take whatever they say without any skepticism. I first realized this, watching my grandmother, and her generation (she was born in 1914). They were hard-working, but only with the basic public school education. And they also had a tradition of respect for a university education, that they brought with them from when they emigrated from Italy. It worked like this: the doctor has been to the university, so he must be smart, and we’ll do whatever he says. Now, Nana had high blood pressure, arthritis, and osteoporosis, And three different doctors, one for each ailment, prescribed a drug for the respective one that he treated. Each drug had a distinct effect, but combined, they laid her out. It was only after my uncle sat down and reviewed the medicines, and talked to the doctors, that they realized this. Had Nana asked questions about the medications, that would have been avoided. But it wasn’t in her culture to ask. Her daughter, my godmother, is the same way. She has a regimen of 6 or 7 pills that she takes, without question.
    I think this is common-people don’t question doctors.

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