Classicist: Destroying California and Other Things

Victor Davis Hanson // Art19 and Just the News

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12 thoughts on “Classicist: Destroying California and Other Things”

  1. VDH say, “There are three reasons for this.” And then not only remembers all three, but is able to discuss each one without losing a second. What a mind!

    He knows exactly what is wrong with California and how it was destroyed. Why look anywhere else?
    Recall Newsome.

    And then

    VDH for Governor of California.

  2. From your Boogeyman and Scapegoat article:

    “ Apparently, all they can come up with is scapegoating mythical white supremacy for existential problems that they cannot solve—mostly because otherwise such challenges require bothersome and politically incorrect answers and introspection.”

    Such as black incompetence, despite the irrefutable, crystal-clear evidence of black failure to achieve in this society, other than in sports and entertainment — two areas that should be as rife with racism as any other according to CRT, but where blacks not only succeed, but dominate.

    We expect more than they can do and then blame anybody and anything but them. Right, Professor?

  3. erik vestville

    That piece of crap David Geffen gives obscene wealth a very bad name. I decline any invitation to your TITANIC
    Have a nice sink.

  4. Denis O'Malley

    For some reason, I can open a written article and stop reading it, to do something important, then go back to it, but I can’t start watching a video that is 30 minutes or longer, even though I know I’ll enjoy it. Can we get a link to the computer interpretation of the audio?

  5. Antony Gilbert

    The only reason why the ‘elites’ have embraced ‘woke’ is because the far-left took over the universities. But the working class are now also being mass indoctrinated by neo-Marxists in state schools and in their places of work.

    Attempting to defeat neo-Marxism with Marxism is beyond moronic. The main reason why the far-left moved from class to race was because class did not sell. This is not about class. It’s 100% extreme ideology. So why is Victor Davis Hanson so laser-focused on class?

  6. Michael B Roche

    Victor’s perspective helps to distill the crazy, woke, BS that surrounds us and reminds us that we are the sane one.

    God Bless Victor Davis Hanson

  7. Glenadine Ruppert

    I have been reading Mexifornia. I have seen you on TV many times. Everything you wrote in that book is still pertinent today. Nothing has changed. People who feel sorry for people who have no life because they have too many need to look at the simple solution. Teach them to use birth control. Easier than supporting huge families. If they learned that in their own countries they could stay home and make their homelands better places to live. Too lazy. Take advantage of the U.S. and drag it down to the level they left. I really can’t stand Liberals. I am 80 and lived in shanty town, but no one helped me. I started working at 14, never took any welfare, childcare or used credit. Did not have it back then anyway. Hard work, but can be done. Too lazy and entitled.

  8. “Ain’t it a shame”, as the song goes. Victor has the knowledge and understanding that would solve so many of California’s woes, yet the State’s ignorant leadership prevents any attempt to apply the answers.

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