Civil War and Civility

In this weekend edition, take a walk through the Roman Civil Wars with Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Sami Winc, a topic bookended by white America dropping out and universities beyond the Stanford model.

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11 thoughts on “Civil War and Civility”

  1. Upto 21:50 I have been thinking and stating those same precise points since the 1990’s. It simply doesn’t make sense.

  2. Thank you for all of the history lectures. They have been enriching and enlightening.

    It’s so disheartening to see what our nation has become in such a short period of time. I think the demise happened after Nancy Pelosi took over the House in 2006 and started the profligate spending that continues unabated. Bush did nothing to oppose the waste and the Republicans have completely misjudged the will of the people. For some reason there’s an unwritten law that republicans must be blamed for any government shutdown. We had a chance to restore (a bit of) sanity in 2008, but instead just threw more gasoline on the fire by electing Barak Obama. I thought the 2010 red wave and Trump’s victory in 2016 had finally driven a stake into the Woke Beast, but the march to totalitarianism has been catalysed as the country’s defenses – ie. the Media and election processes – have been thoroughly corrupted.

    I hope Trump doesn’t run. I know he has been unfairly treated and and abused, but he just can’t win a general election. I like Ron DeSantis, but fear he may become another Jeb Bush.

    Only we the American people can stop the lawlessness on our streets; the harmful indoctrination of our school children; the corruption of the rule of law at the DOJ and Southern border; and the destruction of our currency, media, and social institutions.

    And so far we have failed miserably.

    1. Thomas O'Brien

      In my view the Dems have moved on to a new strategy in getting their candidates into elective office. It is unlawful manipulation of the elections. Look what Zuckerberg did with his hundreds of millions of dollars in 2022, or voting machines failures in Republican precincts in Arizona. BTW, I believe Kari Lake would make an excellent Republican V.P. choice for some Pres. candidate, especially Trump. She would certainly make his ticket more appealing with surburban housewives.

      I know you say Trump can’t get re-elected, but I respectfully disagree. He won in 2016, on only promises of what he would do. He got elected because of the mess we were in. We went with someone to disrupt the system. He did that, and also his achievements greatly exceeded the public’s expectations. God bless him for it.

      Lukewarm candidates will not do. Unproven candidates will not do. Trump is proven. We need Trump now more than ever, I say.

  3. If you want Classicists who can handle languages, look at the University of Vermont MA program. It’s the best bootcamp you can find. Send them some money if you want to support a dynamic program -they need it!

  4. Victor and Sami,
    Thank you for the weekend history lesson series. It’s fascinating to hear the background stories involving some familiar names from that time period during the Roman Empire. Your experiences as a student are what we should expect, but don’t find any longer in most of our universities. These institutions are more interested in collecting money than giving the necessary education needed for the graduate to succeed. I very much appreciate your podcasts.

    1. Psst! Try reading Scullard’s From the Gracchi to Nero, then pick up a penguin edition of Polybius, Caesar, Sallust, Tacitus or Suetonius. Good times! Recommend reading or listening with Port, Sherry, or Stout and pipe or cigar (Turkish leaf or something in a Connecticut or Cameroon wrapper). Great for reading while walking in a weather!

      1. P.s. for the full grad student experience, try a cappuccino and blueberry scone while furtively doodling scenes from Tolkien and daydreaming about Childish Gambino or Victoria Pedretti.

  5. To my math prof violin player conservative ears the accent placed on “o” in Pompey is very bad form. As Victor knows, the name is Pompeius and the accent should be on “ei” — whatever less fortunate form of the name is used.

    Thank you Victor for your excellent contemporary and historical perspectives. I hope they are heard and followed.

    Gnaeus Pompeius Magnus

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