China, Baby Food, and Distractions

Join Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Jack Fowler as they chew over China’s outlook, baby food shortages, Kevin McCarthy et al. and the Jan. 6 Commission, as well as John Leo’s passing, race and sex identities.

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5 thoughts on “China, Baby Food, and Distractions”

  1. James Harrington

    Religious and philosophical persecution in China goes back to the First Emperor’s edict to kill philosophers and scholars. Like Ancient Rome, Chinese regimes have always expected religions to be arms of the state. Until a religion can be coopted, it will experience periodic persecutions. Buddhists, philosophical sects, Christians, and Muslims have all been persecuted in their turn and it’s just a matter of course that they’re still on the block today, regardless of who is in power.

      1. James Harrington

        Nope. You can’t carry the podcast, but you can carry Victor. Sami is Saruman, of course. I’ve also thought of you guys as Hannibal Lector, Will Graham, and Abigail Hobbes (except that Madds Mikkelsen is a Dane).

  2. Barbara Stockwell

    I totally respect and admire Victor Hanson. So glad I happened on this podcast.
    I hope to return.

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