Can California Be Saved?

by Victor Davis Hanson // National Review Online


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17 thoughts on “Can California Be Saved?”

  1. I think the only hope for those Californians that live inland from the coast is for the Big One to strike, dumping the entire coastline into the Pacific Ocean. Fancy houses and all. Just my opinion of course.

  2. I fear many Californians are fleeing to my formerly pleasant state of Colorado. In the last year housing has gone up $100k and traffic is starting to be a drudge. Finding a house to either buy or rent (unfortunately I’ve landed in that game) is nearly impossible, with 30-50 people clamoring for every domicile. I fear the same entitlement and ‘environment at any cost’ foolishness in our new politic.
    Over the years I have taken impious pleasure in fielding the occasional call from lofty California tech recruiters (who generally have a certain smugness about their companies; google, apple, etc…) and then telling them I would never consider moving back to California because of the real estate prices.
    Guess now the joke may be on me 🙁

    1. I lived in CO from 89 to 13. I saw the state go from moderately conservative to fairly well left of center. It has been Californicated and that is truly sorry. The state of Denver and the Peoples Republic of Boulder ruined it for the rest of us. I’m back in the south and so happy.

  3. Yes, it can be saved.
    1. Get rid of the democrates
    2. Get rid of the environmental nuts.
    3. Deport all illegal immigrants.
    4. Round up and incarserate all gang members.
    5. Jail all ACLU lawyers for hindering an investigation when they object to number 4.

    There might be other things to do but these are the first ones that come to mind.

  4. InWar Resolution

    I was born and raised in CA 47 years ago, but I departed this year for Texas. You can infer my answer to the headline. Sorry to say, because it is a geographically beautiful place, but it has been ruined by the idiots. The list of crazy laws is too long to cite, so I’ll end by saying I wish I’d made the time to go on one of those Sierra hikes with you, Dr. Hanson.

    In War Resolution
    Austin, TX.

  5. All the states that attract large numbers of illegal immigrants will go the same way. When California eventually becomes a burden to the rest of the US, taking in more than it produces, then we can give it back to Mexico.

  6. California will most likely come to resemble something like Brazil in coming years. Continuing on its present trajectory, the California of the near future will be characterized by a small wealthy white and Asian elite, concentrated in fabulously wealthy enclaves in cities along the coast, ruling over a much larger impoverished predominantly Latino underclass living in parts of cities and suburbs which will come to resemble favelas. A thoroughly corrupt and inept socialist government, which alternates between left and ultra-left ideology, will have an absolute lock on political power at all levels. Huge swaths of urban areas will be controlled by criminal street gangs and effectively beyond the control of the state and its security forces. The wealthy coastal and urban elite will live comfortably and securely in enclaves protected by walls, razor wire, surveillance video, and private armed security. Los Angeles will come to look like São Paulo, which will be great for the rich, but hell for everyone else

  7. “”” Jeb Bush’s campaign blueprint.”” from U.S. news & world report. Leaked doc on Mr. excitement. Inside, more dirt on Rubio. ” We need a wall, not a Rubio.”

  8. The Democrats running California don’t want to “save” it. They seem to be happy to see probable Republican voters leave the state and probable Democrat voters enter the state (illegal aliens and others wanting to utilize the welfare programs of California).

    I suppose this will end eventually only if the lower economic classes decide they would rather be independent rather than supplicants.

  9. “” Obama’s call at UN to fight ISIS with ideas is largely seen as futile.”” Old article from the NY Times. A Trump-wall or it’s democrat presidents with retard intelligence—- dragging America into the pit of hell.

  10. Unfortunately, many of those “disgruntled middle-of-the-road voters” are often more left-of-the-road voters that flee the high cost of living in democrat dominated areas and seek to establish liberal policies in the new places they settle.

  11. “”” Obama, FBI director spar over the Ferguson Effect on police.”” from the Hill. Seven years ago, Jessie Jackson weeping at Barry’s coronation— weeping for a mirage in a liberal wasteland. So many are unprepared for their retirement—-so many will discover the Chris Christie truth, they have stolen their retirement money.

  12. When the transformation of America is complete, from the American-dream to a RINO-Liberal wasteland—– just how much value will there be in the “paid in full” retirement check. The liberal dream in horrid actuality—-old, retired people with government cheese and a hankering for relatively cheap cans of cat food.

  13. “The state devolved into a pyramid of the coastal wealthy and interior poor — the dual constituencies of the new progressive movement.”

    Remember the raucous after pro golfer Phil Mickelson complained about his high taxes, resulting in his abject apology?

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