Cabinet of Dunces

Join Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Sami Winc as they discuss midterm elections, the Durham investigation, Biden’s cabinet, and the Left’s lies which wear on us all.

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9 thoughts on “Cabinet of Dunces”

  1. Hello,
    I am one of many that you didn’t realize are listening to your podcasts on a regular basis. I try to glean as much as I can so I can repeat it to family and others that will listen. I am also reminded of Revelation’s “Sweet in the mouth but bitter in the stomach.” It is hard to see the fruit of lawlessness and not be able to prevent it.
    Much of your dialogue has to do with education. One of the things that I have wondered about is how to leave students with an accurate mental picture of exactly what America is, or rather, is supposed to be. I remember melting pot being contrasted with tossed salad from your podcasts.
    I remember as a small child asking my mom about her heritage. She replied about English and German ancestry. I wrote that down. I next wandered out into the back yard with a white index card and a pencil to ask my father the same question. I can still see him setting his tools down and writing in large printed capital letters the word “AMERICAN.” Seemed a rather weak and puzzling answer at the time but today it seems the best answer that a father could give to a son.
    I am not a multimedia person but I wish someone could do a commercial that had a bunch of circles with the words “African American,” “Mexican American,” and “whatever American” inscribed in these numerous circles. These circles would cover the screen and then move to the foreground and dissolve into one circle with the large “AMERICAN” that my dad had printed over 60 years ago.

  2. What is that rattling, rattling, rattling all during the show!? Is VDH shaking a bottle of pills?

  3. I enjoy these podcasts, thanks! VDH’s audio has stopped pegging — it sounds like he has a better mic now, which is great, but now it sounds like he’s playing with coins and rubbing them together in front of the mic while he talks, which is unpleasant. I hope someone will tell him for future episodes, thanks!

  4. Rarely do I disagree with VDH. However in his thesis expressed here I believe that he is doing a great and intentional disservice to his readers and listeners, to the American people, to the USA as a country, and in fact to the world. I do not know whether VDH is just mistakenly ‘incompetent’ in this issue or is misleading with intent.

    There are no ‘mistakes’, ‘failures’, or demonstrations of ‘incompetence’ taking place with any of the actions or inactions of the current Federal ‘government’. This includes everything being done by the Executive branch, the Ventriloquist’s Dummy occupying the WH, and the Dummy-In-Chief’s cabinet.

    Every lip and arm movement of the empty shell occupying the WH is the result of those with their arms up the puppet’s rear end and this may extend to some members of its cabinet but that does not imply ‘incompetence’ on the part of the puppet masters. Everything that is being done within and by the current Federal ‘government’ is being done with pure evil Machiavellian narcissistic psychopathic INTENT.

    To attribute ‘incompetence’ to the puppet and downplay the intentional manipulation of the puppeteers is to intentionally distract from lifting the curtain to reveal those that are actually in control. Whether this attempt at distraction is the result of ‘incompetence’ or with Machiavellian intent on the part of VDH remains to be seen.

  5. Daniel Donoghue

    Great summary, Mr. Hanson. And you didn’t even mention DHS! Also, BHK4USA may not be wrong, but as a minimum, incompetence borne out of identity politics is not wholly off base. Thanks for the continual outstanding work.

  6. Our workers, our farmers, our citizens president.

    Trump’s message to new U.S. citizen.

    My Dear Fellow American:

    It is with great pride that I welcome you into the American family.
    No matter where you come from, or what faith you practice, this country is now your country.
    Our history is now your history.
    And our traditions are now your traditions.
    You enjoy the full rights, and the sacred duties, that come with American citizenship – very very special.
    There is no higher honor; there is no greater responsibility.
    You now share the obligation to teach our values to others, to help newcomers assimilate to our way of life, and uplift America by living according to its highest ideals of self-governance and its highest standards.
    All Americans are your brothers and sisters.
    And each of us must do our part to keep America safe, strong, and free.
    America is our home – we have no other.
    You have pledged allegiance to America.
    And when you give your love and loyalty to America, she returns her love and loyalty to you.
    We share one American heart – and one American destiny.
    It is a destiny filled with love, opportunity, and hope.
    We celebrate this day.
    We welcome you into our national family.
    We applaud your devotion to America.
    And we embrace the wonderful future we will have together.
    Thank you, God bless you, and God bless America.

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