7 thoughts on “Prisoner Swaps and Shadow Banning”

  1. Dear Professor VDH:
    I hope the link attached will open, and allow viewing of a broadcast from Russian TV. Obviously they have their own agenda on the prisoner exchange issue. Nevertheless the less I think it’s still worthwhile to know what the enemy is thinking. I wonder if their propaganda might in some instances actually be closer to reality than CNN or MSNBC.


  2. You failed to mention: Whelan the marine was court martialed. Among other things, for larceny. Brittney was a two time Olympic gold medalist. She had decimal point 7 grams of marijuana, a tiny amount. Legal in US in most places, and in many countries. She does have the right to her opinion.

    1. I am given to understand that all of the athletes going to Russia to compete for Russian teams were specifically warned not to bring ANY drug substances into the country because the Russians have a no tolerance policy.

  3. You know, the odd thing about the prisoner swap is that neither the right nor the left believe in the old maxim: “Women and children first”. The Victorians, Liberal, Progressive, Conservative, would have made it a point of national honor to free a woman in captivity first. Only Marxists and Bolsheviks would have weighed which captive was most politically loyal first.

    I’d be interested to know if you can scorn that old Victorian maxim without eventually having Hillary C WAPing with Cardi B. I don’t like slippery slope arguments, so I really would be interested in a solid answer to that question.

  4. I’d like to thank Mr. Hanson for an obscure comment he made many podcasts ago. When dissecting the downward spiral of America, illustrating how the left is taking us to a place that is now wholly un-American, Victor made this off the cuff comment. “Those who fought and died at Gettysburg, Omaha Beach, or the battle of the Marne, what did they die for”? I’ve waited for someone to say this, but until now, no one has. This has dominated my daily thoughts for a long time. Having lost my Grandfather in the Great War, I wonder what he gave his life for. When I get past anger, I’m just very sad.

  5. People keep talking about the great service of the former (“ex” Marines are dead) Marine still in Russia. He was reduced from staff sergeant to corporal and discharged from the Marine Corps Reserve with a Bad Conduct Discharge after conviction at a General Court-Martial for stealing about $10,000 from his Air Wing unit in which he was an administrator. When arrested in Russia, Whelan was director of global security and investigations for BorgWarner, an international automotive parts manufacturer based in Michigan. His work with Kelly Services and BorgWarner gave Whelan contacts with the U.S. intelligence community, federal agents and foreign embassies. While I’m not claiming that I know what he was specifically doing, that is not the same as teaching someone.

    Elizabeth Warren didn’t say that she was going to have a beer. She said, “I’m gonna get me a beer.” Even more condescending.

  6. Thank you for your always informative and concise comments. I hope you have a healthy, peaceful and blessed Christmas.

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