Break ‘Em Up, Clear ‘Em Out

Join Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Jack Fowler as they dig into the slurs against minorities by Hispanic L.A. city council members, the John Durham investigation, and Jan. 6 committee coming up zeros. Don’t miss the analysis of braggadocio and terror of our president at the end.

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8 thoughts on “Break 'Em Up, Clear 'Em Out”

  1. not a better discussion on the innerwebs, Jack Victor thank you for these important podcasts Jack ive complained in the past that Sammy and you interrupt Victor too much, ive realized I was wrong I apologize The real issue is the podcast are not long enough you folks are just trying to stay on a time frame, the podcasts always end leaving me wanting more, lol thanks again for all you do look forward to the next pod

  2. Every racial group has racists. And racism is a learned behavior, so it can be unlearned.

    Repeal FISA! How did we ever get into such a mess? There is no place for “secret courts” in America.

  3. I worked as a Firefighter in Los Angeles for 32 years, and have lived in the city for most of my adult life. Black political power in the city is something that deserves a closer look, which almost never happens in the LA media market.

    The black population in LA has barely been above 10% since 1990. In fact, the black population today is only 7.93% (2020 census). Yet, the LA city council is currently 20% black, with calls for additional seats to increase that number significantly.

    Hispanics on the other hand are nearly 50% (47.98%) of the population. If all 3 of the embattled council members resign, only 1 Latino will remain on the 15 member board.

    Watching this fiasco has brought back so many bad memories. This once great city is so focused on race, ethnicity, gender and sexual orientation, that it has become an almost untenable place to live and work.

    I am not condoning what happened, but I do (in a way) understand. Latinos have taken a back seat to blacks in LA for way too long, and unfortunately for them, the actions of these 3 elected officials will most likely ensure they are in the back seat for several more years to come.

  4. “ALMOST” criminal? Victor, let’s not waffle. The FBI operatives ARE criminal.
    Its only matter of time, hopefully, before the glass lid comes off. Gitmo would be far too kind for them.

    I will repeat the same opinion with respect to BATF. Those two outfits are siamese twins.

  5. A. Steph
    re: The Hard Road to Technocracy ( & New World Order ) !
    a 2018 book by Patrick M. Woods . He States in the introduction:
    Rather than a frontal assault this movement will appear like an end-run around national sovereignty – eroding it bit by bit. Thus causing
    ” a great booming, buzzing, confusion “. Z . Brzezinski, Jimmy Carter & David Rockefeller sponsored all this via the Trilateral Commission. – A newly designed organization (1973) initially composed of the elite members from: N. America, central America, Northern half of S. America, Northern Europe, & Japan.

    This, OBTW…. with participation & support of the UN. See: NIEO: its GOAL; To give birth to a modern economic globalization & thereby to transform the entire global economic structure ! Your Thoughts Please Victor & Jack. You may have mentioned Patrick M. Woods on a recent show.
    Victor 2024

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