Bold and Blunt: America’s Been Infiltrated by ‘Bolsheviks’

Victor Davis Hanson notes that today’s anti-America forces aren’t simply protesting outside the government buildings. They’ve infiltrated the systems and work within the systems they once protested, and that makes them all the more dangerous to America’s constitution, to America’s democratic-republic, and to liberty-loving American citizens.

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3 thoughts on “Bold and Blunt: America's Been Infiltrated by 'Bolsheviks'”

  1. Stephen David Cuskley

    Read “Infiltration” by Dr. Taylor Marshall to find out how the Catholic Church has been infiltrated by modernists.

  2. Last fall, Mike Pompeo mentioned a list of 1.95 million people in the US, the UK and Australia who are on the CCP payroll. This list was apparently released by a Chinese dissident. This was no surprise to me. Add them to the list. Our leaders have been dismantling our country for decades now. Gutting industry, dumbing down education, selling technology and other national resources and more. It isnt just the CCP. There are many players who have had/have their eyes on America and her wealth. Both internal as well as external enemies.

  3. Charly smarjesse

    The words “ unreal or unbelievable “ are used all too often ,,,,,when the correct word for what’s going on is ,,,,,unacceptable. We the people have been lulled into a complacency that allows the standards to be so low that the unacceptable is now ,,,,, the standard bearer,,,,,by design . I believe the same tactics used during the Holodomor in Ukraine,,,,, 1932-33,,,,, are now on our soil . Santayana said those who do not know history are doomed to repeat it . Perversion of our history and heritage has been allowed in our schools ,,,,, and taught to our children . We have a problem that voting can no longer solve . The enemy John F Kennedy spoke of is among us and has the power of the press . Our enemy is domestic ,,,, not foreign . He wears no uniform . He hides within our communities. He hates life and loves death . He awaits his messiah ,,,,,,,, who I believe to be Satan . He’s not smart ,,,,,, he’s shrewd . He prays upon the weak minded in order to undermine the strong willed . Knowledge,,,,,,,,bravery and sacrifice should be our Sampson post . I wish all who read this and agree …….good fortune and remind them of their ancestors charter . To defend their honor ,,,, fortunes and lives . Peace be with you until war is among you . Travel well to the four corners in the barque of Peter . CFS

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