Bleeding Civilization: from Illegal Immigration to Debt-Making Policy

Join Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Sami Winc on the Friday news round up: Biden’s executive order on the border, incendiary bombs on Israel, California assembly bill to employ illegal immigrants, pro-Palestinian students storm Stanford president’s office, and the emptiness of a Kamala interview.

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2 thoughts on “Bleeding Civilization: from Illegal Immigration to Debt-Making Policy”


    If I may offer a minor correction to your movie trivia, Professor. In “Casablanca”, Major Strasser and the other Germans didn’t sing, “Deutschland Über Alles”, but rather, “Die Wacht am Rhein” (“The Watch on the Rhine”). That one is a little more significant in the context of the story, because it’s aimed specifically at France as the eternal enemy of the Germans.

  2. William Terry

    A personal anecdote related to the discussion of the Iranian revolution. As a child psychiatrist, US Army Major,stationed at Landstuhl, US Army Medical Center in Germany in 1977, I was offered the job of commanding the US Army Hospital in Tehran, Iran. A kitty shrink, in charge of a hospital in Iran? Who would’ve thought? My wife and I considered the minimum two year assignment but decided to stay in Germany. Had we accepted, we very well could have been the guests of Ayatollah Khomeini(The guy who overthrew the Shah and took the American hostages). Several years later, when I was an Associate Professor at the newly established University of Nevada Medical School in Reno, Nevada, our daughter was abused in a preschool. My wife sought therapy and by pure serendipity, chose a psychiatrist who had escaped Iran (on horseback, no less) soon after the Shah’s overthrow. We were truly blessed by both our choices. Life is full of what if’s but I guess that’s what makes it interesting. Thank you and Ms Winc for all that you do!
    William T Terry MD ,LTC US Army Med.Corps (Ret)

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