Biden’s Unpopularity and the Filibuster

Listen in as Victor Davis Hanson with cohost Sami Winc talks about Biden’s dropping poll numbers and Democratic strategy, the voting rights bill and filibuster in the Senate, and the publication of three books, An Autumn of War, Between War and Peace, and Carnage and Culture.

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6 thoughts on “Biden's Unpopularity and the Filibuster”

  1. Wait! Did Sami just throw in a little 3rd wave feminist com-theory sting there with passive/active modes of presentation? If so, props to Alexander and her shield bearers!

  2. Danny Alexander

    This is for Sami…
    I love the podcast, and highly value the wisdom and knowledge Dr. Hanson brings to us every week. While I realize that I have zero standing to correct or criticize a great Man of Letters, I wish you (or maybe Jack Fowler) would gently remind him (and many other podcasters and radio/TV personalities) that “Calvary” is where Jesus died; it is not a mounted military force……. 🙂

    Danny in NC


    Would like to have Victor reflect on the accuracy/inaccuracy of the Great Barrington Declaration that the Fauci/Collins/CDC cohort have tried so hard to discredit. I signed the declaration as a non-medical supporter as it seemed to outline a thoroughly reasoned risk management approach to the pandemic. The Biden Administration in comparison seemed blind to treatment protocols, promising therapies, and collateral damages (e.g., suicides, delayed medical procedures, depression, lost employment, school closures, etc.). Respectfully,

    Terry Oxley
    COL(R) US Army

  4. A good podcast. I know it’s hard to keep up on the latest news, but both DeSantis & Trump came out this week (Trump today) & said that this conflict is fake news. Trump said he thinks DeSantis is doing a good job in his State & that he supports him. I have to ask myself, Does it really matter what Trump says if a controversy can be created from whole cloth and the public accepts it as fact? The communists are correct when they say if you repeat ANYTHING enough, people will eventually believe it. Our media seems to have embraced this philosophy.

  5. Professor Hanson, with all due respect, your monologue regarding Donald Trump was filled with a plethora of accolades for the former President. However, you neglected to inform your audience of his most egregious error when he was still in the midst of complaining about his own perceived Presidential Election Fraud and he so informed the Georgia voters and constituents that his election had been stolen and they were not to participate in the run-off election for two senators. Consequently, the Republican Party lost two vital senatorial seats to the Democrats resulting in dire political repercussions for 2021. Trump subsequently repeated a similar message when he reiterated the same threat of sabotage for the 2022 and 2024 election.

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