Biden Is the Most Dangerous Radical

Victor Davis Hanson, a remarkably prescient and accurate historian, gives his candid assessment of President Biden’s first year in power.

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4 thoughts on “Biden Is the Most Dangerous Radical”

  1. Charles Carroll

    Outstanding! One of the things I like most about Dr. Hanson’s interviews with foreigners is both the questions they tend to ask and Dr. Hanson’s professorial responses. He provides, not only answers to the queries, but sets contexts, draws references to the interlocutor’s country/culture, and provides examples from the classical past. He thereby reveals the continuum of human events and influences and that we are not experiencing anything totally “new under the sun.”

  2. Gerard A Watson

    This must have been taped before Bidens state of the Union
    I cannot agree with the comment that he is the most radical president.
    Especially after Trump – I would also question his stats (like gas prices doubling under Biden).
    He has also united not just the US to a small degree but more importantly much of the world against Russia.
    Personally – disappointed because it was very slanted against the democratic party /women /minorities,etc
    Note – I am a registered Republican so just looking for a more even presentation

    1. Open your eyes you’re a dumbass!!!
      I hope your children and grandchildren know how to grow food because if they don’t they’re going to starve to death these pricks and Washington don’t give a s*** about us Americans all they care about is money.

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