Biden Grifters Diagnosis, Ukraine War Prognosis

Join Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Jack Fowler for the latest news: the impact of the Trump indictment, Biden family China nexus, banking crisis following SVB failure, Left’s destruction of culture, ISIS resurgent in Afghanistan and an update on the war in Ukraine.

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11 thoughts on “Biden Grifters Diagnosis, Ukraine War Prognosis”

  1. Common Uictor, Ukraine is a “territorial dispute” about the Donbass? They tried to take Kyiv and kill Zelenskyy! They’ve tried to ethically cleanse all the area under Russian control and claimed that Ukrainians don’t exist. The Ukraine War is as much a boarder dispute as rape is sex. Hatred of people’s lawn signs is not a legitimate source of foreign policy!

    1. Serpentor of the Third Circle, Keeper of the Shiny Thing

      For your edification, Two-Legger:

      “Common Victor” (Victor Vulgaris): Species of Muttering Swede with a range from Selma California to Palo Alto California. Known for its distinctive cry “Soooober-and-Juuuudicioussss”. Endangered: It’s habitat is been threatened by pollution and invasive species of Canis Vularis. Considered “mostly harmless”.

      “Ethically Cleanse”: Neologism. To forcefully remove a particular group of people from a particular geographical location after care has been taken to ensure the best optics with the ruling elite of one’s own country and the extremely online of everyone else’s.

      Blessings on your feeble existence,

      Serpentor of the Third Circle, Keeper of the Shiny Thing

  2. Yes, calling Russia’s Ukraine War ‘ “a territorial dispute” about the Donbass’ is a quaint description of Russia’s openly aggressive behaviour. It airily suggests, ‘Not a big thing, really.’

    Did ‘Z’s’ that Russia marked on tanks, vehicles, etc., sent into Ukraine anonymise their source or lessen the brazen offence?

  3. Victor and Jack,
    So many topics packed into your tremendous podcast requiring me to listen to it twice. What a tangled web the liberals have woven. One would hope that they will be held to account and made responsible for the destruction of our communities and the country. Thank you for sharing excerpts from the military history event and discussing the complexities of the Ukraine-Russia war. This is definitely information we won’t get from the standard media sources.

  4. Tara Read did NOT accuse Biden of sexual assault – she accused him of rape. The Department of Justice changed the definition of rape in 2012 to “The penetration, no matter how slight, of the vagina or anus with any body part or object, or oral penetration by a sex organ of another person, without the consent of the victim.”

    Calling it “sexual assault” is misinformation.


      “Misinformation” connotes intent to deceive. Is that what you meant to say, that Professor Hanson intended to say something that he knows was not true? Or did you mean to say that he is misinformed, or even just misspoke?

  5. Richard Borgquist

    Trump could encourage folks to protest by boycotting NY for vacation or business thus avoiding potential arrest of protesters. Folks could then notify officials or media. He could also hold rallies near NY — like New Jersey etc.

  6. I have a lot of respect for Professor Hanson, and appreciate his sly sense of humor: “Eventually they have a rendevouz with nemesis… because if the Republicans can get their act together and win the Senate… they are gonna unload on these people.” It’s nice to chuckle these days.

  7. Uictor’s analysis of Ukraine is typical of his comments on all things non-academic, long on criticism, weak on answers. He fails to give agency to Putin and his allies. What will he do if Putin refuses, as he always does, to abide by the ceasefire? He also denies agency to our allies. What is Zelenskyy really thinking? He needs maximum leverage until the Spring counteroffensive is over and he knows what he has to deal with -then he and the Ukrainians whom he was democratically elected to represent can change their official demands and begin to bargin. Poland is also signaling that they will get involved if Ukraine begins to lose. Japan has given 7 billion in aid and is working on more aid and lending its weight diplomatically. Finally, his appeal to West Palestine and the Boarder etc. repeat well known Kremlin talking points. Take whatever position you believe reasonable, but don’t lend your voice month after month to rhetoric designed to sabotage America, NATO, and Ukraine (not THE Ukraine, dammit!). You’d cut off your nose to spite your face out of sheer hatred for your Progressive neighbors and colleagues.

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