Beyond the Blinkered Blueprint

Victor Davis Hanson with cohost Jack Fowler discusses Justice Robert’s defense of Supreme Court integrity, the Left’s bad old ideas, Fauci’s charades and university wokes destroying lives and culture, and Trump’s trajectory.

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12 thoughts on “Beyond the Blinkered Blueprint”

  1. Outstanding as always. I was especially glad to hear your characterization of what Trump is doing and what he OUGHT to be doing. DJT makes it very hard on himself, and for those of us who recognize the decline of the country on so many fronts. I, too, am eagerly awaiting a new Contract With America to articulate what is wrong and what is going to be done to fix these things. The time is now. DJT needs to get off the personal bit. But alas, he cannot….

    1. agreed, but our GOP leadership is a joke they are no where to be seen or heard Kevin popped his head up on Fox this week , I swear he comes across like a slimy used car salesman (forgive me for my anger) just so frustrated with GOP they clearly have disdain for the voters and it doesn’t look like they want to win as they know they wont be voted back into leadership they are okay with us losing… MITCH is not helping one bit…

    2. Couldn’t agree more. I love Trump and truly believe he is the only person in our times who has the courage to face them all down and rally people on the fence to his side.

      While we must deal with the 2020 election and face up to the massive fraud, whether it cost him the election or not. We must re-establish trust and we won’t if we allow the left to keep making so many on our side afraid to stand up to them.

      All like minded need to plan an “intervention” with DJT! He’s not dumb. He just needs a bit of a slap upside the head.

  2. I’ve noticed an interesting change in tone from Victor recently in rega4ds to Trump. Why the continued blame for GA, when I can attest to Trump stumping for McConnell’s garbage wall street candidates, I went to the rally. Also, where is your criticism of the establishment, McConnell’s sabotage of races and pulling of funds? In one fell swoop you blame Trump for all of the GOP’s woes, and also put the entire opposition movement on his shoulders! Is it the vax injury, or have some of your esteemed colleagues had a little talk with you? The amount of time spent trashing Trump on John Anderson’s podcast was troubling. I agree he is not The Great Hope, but really?

  3. Victor, It’s too early to destroy a candidacy that hasn’t even begun. You know, I hear more news about Trump from you, and from my yahoo news feed than I’ve ever heard from the Man himself. This way too early, Sir.

  4. Victor, you know it’s very irritating listening to you talk about Trump. You always try to compare him against a messianic or superhero figure that only exists in cartoons or the bible. He was never good enough for you. You wanted him to play the part of a tragic hero. Well, sorry he is not tragic.

    Second irritation is conservative commenters like you always tell us we’re in a civilizational struggle. America is 5 second before midnight. This our last chance. I don’t buy it. Not for one freaking second. You know how I know? They haven’t put you in jail for speaking on the podcast yet. They haven’t executed their political opponents, and kill his family YET. Point is the American political system is still a sport game, not a gladiator combat – when you lose you don’t die. The communist chinese chairman and his gang will never give up power. It’s a life and dead struggle for them, but not for the American politicians.

    Third irritation is when you try to square the circle that the election was not stolen/cheated, and to the extend it was, was done in March of 2020. Regardless, you said, it’s all water under the bridge, we need to move on. Sorry Sir, cheating is cheating. We’ll never forget and will keep talk about it forever! You were attacked by your lefty stanford faculty one day, and you fought back, and you can’t shut up talking about it ever since. Imagine your pain X1000 for Trump. Don’t tell him to shut up, and move on.

    1. To be fair, Phil, the man has had Leftist extremists try to burn his house down while his family was still in it. I think Hanson has a right to some umbrage.

  5. I agree with Trump needing to pivot from himself(never happen), although he did that well at the rally today but def needs better people around him, the bigger problem for me is the @gop they really dont want to win, they fought hard against America First candidates spending millions against our youngest and best candidates the refusal to unite and nationalize the midterms will go down as the greatest mistake I fear, LOOK AT THE DAMN POLLING TRUMP (Americas 1st agenda) IS BEATING EVERY CANDIDATE THE GOP CANT WIN ELECTIONS we HATE Kevin and Mitch they are fake fraud controlled opposition and would never win without Trump championing them remember when mitch was losing, SORRY but conservatives are in trouble if they don’t unite FAST, WE ALL KNOW democRATS will indict or drop some garbage in October (check out Peoples Pundit Rich Baris BigData POLL nobody has a better pulse of the voters than him)

  6. Barbara Humphreys

    Ah, but Jack, Soylent Green is not a joke. The Netherlands and Canada, two important parts of the world’s breadbasket, are working to close down many of their farms. It is near certain that hundreds of millions of the world’s poorest people will experience famine or starve over the next few years due to today’s economic woes. The UN and the Davos crowd and the WEF have not established processing facilities in those nations, so we won’t get any green biscuits from the human carnage. As usual, the WOKE Left cannot manage supply chains. Saving the planet is complicated!

  7. Barbara Humphreys

    Trump is Trump. He will not change. He can’t change. The Republicans? They cannot change. Will we get DeSantis? My bet is, probably not. Too bad, but I have not heard one Republican leader provide a vision and plan for our future beyond “the Democrats are very bad”. Getting rid of Trump is far more important to Republicans like Bill Barr and Mitch and Lindsey than the future of the country. I am not being hyperbolic; just listen to them. At some point, Victor, we just need to fess up to ourselves and admit that being a Republican is not about the country, it is about Trump. Period. Enough hoping it isn’t so. And so, we will not get a Senate majority and may not get a serious majority in the House. It’s probably the way it should be since we have a minority quality Republican leadership (Mitch, Lindsey, Kevin).

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