Befuddled Democrats and Their Policies

Listen to Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Sami Winc discuss the latest news: taking down Elon’s X in San Francisco, the dangers of diversity and inclusion in Canada, news from the border, the defense of Kamala, and Devon Archer’s testimony.

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10 thoughts on “Befuddled Democrats and Their Policies”

  1. Can’t Kamala morph into Gerald Ford with Gavin looking very Nelson-ish after Joe gets some “disease and he has to step aside”??

    Thank you sir.


  2. To the woman on this podcast…please stop saying “ECCETERA!” The correct pronunciation is :eTcetera. Thus the shortened form is ETC not ECC!


      I’ve heard some people pronounce it as “excedra”. That’d probably make your head explode.
      When I heard it, I asked myself, “What does an aspirin substitute have to do with this?”

  3. Victor, on the subject of Ratheon: Pratt and Whitney is one of their subsidiaries. Two recent stories wrt to PW. First, PW operates an engine refurbishment facility for the F-35 jet engine. The turn around should be 120 days, but a year ago it was running over 200 days. This means twice as many engines are undergoing major service as had been planned. Which means there aren’t as many engines available for use as they had previously expected, which affects the readiness of the F-35 fleet. At that time, Ratheon made a big deal about the importance of the ESG in their management of the corporation. Second, a week ago, it was announced that about 1200 PW engines currently in use in Airbus airliners needed to be checked to see if their (high speed and very dangerous) turbine fan blades were developing cracks. My expectation is that Ratheon is on a downward trend. Austin was just a symptom.

  4. Peak wokeness – we aren’t done yet, sir. The harassment takes place at the workplace and on social media where dissenting views are censored. This from my personal experience. Your site is the only one that hasn’t censored any of my comments. Sometimes my comments are pretty ridiculous. But to your credit, you allow it.

    Notice, I said you “allow” it. That in itself is the problem with the new dynamic of mass communication. I suspect our country would be very different than what it is right now if there is no social media.

    1. When I say dissenting, I don’t just mean political views. They also censored tone and what they deemed as fostering a “negative” environment. They also delay your posts once you are flagged. This doesn’t just happen at the biggest social media sites, but all across the spectrum.

      As an informed provocateur, if you haven’t done so, you need to plug into social media daily just like you devote time to reading daily to get a sense of what the hell is going on. I urge you.

      They treat you like a child, because teens were the first to use the internet, even before there was internet and the sysop is God! Then idiot adults and women start using this sh*t, and treat it like some great invention.

  5. Professor Hanson keeps speaking of Ron DeSantis as an actual contender for 2024. Many of us knew what the outcome of his ill-timed candidacy would bring, and it has delivered. DeSantis ran as Trump-lite, the kinder, gentler Trump. His donors? 80% big money R donors. Trump’s are inverse, 80% individual donations. But the squishy, Marquess of Queensbury republican voter has been successfully peeled off. Angry and pouting over DeSantis’ inevitable failure, ready to take their ball and go home. Now in desperation Ron talks of “slitting throats on day one”, unsuccessfully mimicking Trump while alienating his big donors, who now want him to track “moderate” now instead of the usual phony conservative bait-and-switch-after-the-election routine. You should be screaming at the top of your lungs about our descent into the 3rd world, getting behind our tragic figure – Trump – in his quest, our quest, for revenge. We are at the End Of Things, and “Shane” is not yet done ridding the town of bad men, so it is unwise to cast him out for a “more palatable” bringer of Justice. You worry me lately Professor…no talk of Barr or Pompeo, now-known traitorous snakes that you in the former endorsed and in the latter endorsed for a presidential run. Quislings abound, and their condition can be infectious.

    1. The good news is when intellectuals root for a candidate, he usually loses miserably.

      I really don’t get why Ron DeSantis wants to run on this election cycle. Other than he is a politician who just can’t wait to take the opportunity for more fame and power. So sad. If he just waited another 4 years, focus on Florida. Let the dust settled. Then either inherit Trump’s successful reelection, or be the hero to save us from the Dems. It would seems like a win-win for him at that time. As a Trump supporter, I would have happily voted for him.

      I have to conclude strategic patience is not a trait found in many American politician. The good news is when intellectual root for a candidate, they usually lose emrciablly

  6. Michael Campbell

    Enjoyable discussion, but about that headline… cry “hypocrisy” all you want, it seems the Republicans are the only ones who are befuddled, as the Dems march onward doing whatever they please.

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