At the White House, There’s Nobody Home

The absence of true leadership has created chaos at home and abroad.

by Victor Davis Hanson // National Review Online


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28 thoughts on “At the White House, There’s Nobody Home”

  1. Hoi Polloi Boy

    It is amazing that Obama’s supporters in particular and Democrats in general refuse to acknowledge how inept, corrupt, and combative the petulant man-child in the White House is.

    1. Sadly this is human nature at work. We’re quite capable of denying what’s right in front of us.

      When reality differs from what we fervently believe, it’s reality that has it wrong. 🙂

      RE: Creationists, Global Warmists, etc.

    2. the democratic party is the progressive, socialist engine inside obama. he is the stepford president. none of this is accidental or not on purpose. the dems have been waiting for this moment since the members of the frankfurt school first set their evil feet in america. it took 60 years of media and deconstruction by higher education, tv, cinema, radio, pop music to get us where we are today. read all about it in neil postman’s book, amusing ourselves to death and ben shapiro’s book, primetime propaganda. we have all been saps. look in the mirror. “not that there is anything wrong with that.”

  2. Obama paving the way for an Iranian nuclear bomb, Obama threatening sanctions against Israel, Obama allowing the America to be overrun with Central American nationals, Obama, Congress is implicit, blowing out the budget. VDH, as Betty Davis said “fasten your safety belts it’s going to be a bumpy ride”

  3. Great thoughts, professor Hanson.

    It appears Obama and friends are fighting a universe which is NOT their 2nd Worldview Controlling idea of things. And they are so frustrated that their 2nd Worldview Controlling idea of things doesn’t work to stop the out of control 3rd Worldview Tribal Muslims from chopping heads off. Again, the universe isn’t cooperating.

    Look at Janet Yellen’s trying to Central-Bank Control the global economy (another 2nd Worldview Controlling idea) through parsing of the word “patient.” Again, a 2nd Worldview Controlling Interest idea that has ruined the economy for many in Japan, Europe and America. And again, the universe isn’t cooperating.

    What does the universe cooperate with? How about a 1st Worldview on Liberty and the Tragic Views of Western Enlightenment! It worked for the US for the first 125 years when it hearkened unto its Constitution, built on 1st Worldview Ideas. The universe seemed to reward Americans for that, even as it seems to be disciplining America for choosing Obama’s 2nd Worldview Dystopia Way. (i.e. all Fed. Reserve Control)

    We need a 1st Worldview president, one that lets the universe set the interest rate, and lets good whip evil.

  4. Obama’s foreign policy legacy, if one actually exists, will be vaporized in the first nuclear weapon exploded on target in the Middle East…..if the target IS in the Middle East.

    1. Iran wants ICBM’s because it is not going to nuke its own neighborhood. The target is us. Then they can proceed with all-out conventional war against israel. They want that land for themselves, and long-term contamination won’t really fit with their agenda.

    2. David, your post is so scary it’s hard to face head on. But that is where planet earth is going.

      In the aftermath, I wonder what the liberal news media will say……… After all, they have either not reported obama mishaps or broadcast excuses to cover his skinny rear end.

  5. “”” GOP oversight twitter”” —- Google that for facts and video’s to continue fighting the good fight with. Hope and Sanity in 2016.

  6. Thank you, Victor, for helping me keep my sanity, or what’s left of it.
    You are, simply stated, the nation’s most important intellectual at this time of dangerous uncertainty.

    No one speaks the truth more clearly, rationally and honestly.

  7. carolyn glick has written on this before (quite prominently), as have i (quite obscurely), but, the first nuclear weapon exploded in the middle east will be over jerusalem. there will be no “practice” weapon, as it would lead to an immediate israeli attack to destroy any other weapons, and delivery systems. so, when iran attacks israel it will give ” …. its best shot …. ” to destroy israel w/ nuclear weapons. there can be no other logic to the matter. john jay

    1. israel knows this and will be ready. then all will have an excuse to vaporize much of the mideast outside of israel. its a tough nut but it will have to come to that unless america, israel strike first. no one wanted to do it to germany or japan but there was no other way. you cannot negotiate with psychotic leaders and followers.

  8. I’ve just retired and have been reflecting on things. It strikes me as fantastic that the current administration is so deep in controversy/scandal. I do not recall a president/administration in my lifetime that has misfired on so many cylinders (I’m being polite). What I also don’t understand is the half of the country that thinks things are going along just fine – these are the same folks who will likely support another Clinton. What a mess.

    1. look at the stats and who watches what news networks. fox does well for a cable news network but the vast majority watch the liberal stations in obama’s back pocket. then there is the nyt, tribune, la times. our citizens are mis and uninformed and they dont know even know it. all the talking heads, actors, musicians, tv personalities all love obama. such is the lemming culture. he is black. all you need to know. even the best and the brightest of the jews love him and his party. when hard working people are misled and dont know it, what are they to do. remember jfk. i bet 99% of catholics voted for him. he could have been the devil in disguise and they would not have cared. have to vote for and support my man. thats what one does when he is insecure and not analytical, ie, the new norm for american men and women. “someone turn the channel and get me another cheeseburger.”

  9. It is a crying shame the level to which this great country has been reduced on the world stage, and also the harm this man has done to the American fabric. Abroad, the world burning aside, our enemies niether fear nor respect us and our allies no longer trust us. Obama can pontificate all he wants, but nobody is listening other than himself. He has managed to set back race relations 50-60 years, and is fomenting a war on the “peace keepers” in our cities and can’t help but spend our children into servitude, crush opportunity for everyone with his iron-fisted regulations and executive orders, and he is hell bent to import a third world permanent underclass into to America to cement his “fundamental change”. The left should quit bitching about the 47 traitors, and start worrying about the one proven traitor occupying the White House.

  10. You know it is sadly apparent that the country suffers from a true lack of ‘leadership’ in the current administration. Going to school for it might help but in this case nah. Rather they should see eye doctors to get rid of the opaque cataracts clouding their views and judgments.

    Really we surely would have bumbled ‘1776’ if we had these guys in charge.

  11. It seems to me likely that Obama views his principal task as fund-raising, as it is that which (probably) gives him his despotic control over the Democratic Party and thus over all Americans. The rest is just a sideshow as far as he is concerned.

  12. “”U.S allies, lured by china’s bank,”” from new york times. China debt in 2007– 7 trillion. Now– 28 trillion. Continue to fund China’s colossal military buildout , a resounding Yes !!! The USA is ocean’s apart, no such luck with Europe and it’s proximity to axis dictators. Ah yes, history books and arming regimes, but not to worry, as the West lays down it’s arm’s and rests on it’s laurels. The mind reels, hundreds of millions of people, oblivious to being led as lambs to ………, as their leaders pocket countless millions of dollars and euro’s. Miracle’s, pray for miracles.

  13. “Some people just want to see the world burn, sir.” _____ Alfred to Mr. Wayne
    Simple as that. Oikophobia expresses itself in the most twisted ways. I feel as though I’m living in the “Camp of the saints”. I think of Venezula’s descent into chaos and get ill thinking of our trajectory. A critical mass has been attained and I fear this will not end well.

  14. When Orwell wrote “1984” , which describes official deception, secret surveillance and manipulation of recorded history plus all the other nasty things that authoritarian regimes do, it was though he had the Obama regime in mind.

  15. Charles Fuller

    “You can’t get there from here.”
    One of the surrealist comedy group Firesign Theater’s most memorable quotes.
    Alas, what we see in this presidency’s behavior exceeds even the surreal level of Proctor and Bergman.
    It worked well, indeed achieved the status of high art, in a comedy group’s fiction.
    Not so good a thing in reality though.

  16. “” ted cruz presidential campaign announcement CSPAN “” The un-obama; a different taste than the vanilla GOP

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