“Appeasement guarantees war” – Victor Davis Hanson

Listen to VDH talk about appeasement and how it leads to war in an interview with Will Kingston of the Australiana podcast, produced by The Spectator Australia.

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1 thought on “"Appeasement guarantees war" - Victor Davis Hanson”

  1. thebaron@enter.net

    Excellent interview!

    If I had to disagree with anything said in it, it would be to challenge the idea that the Democrats were ever the party of the working man. They may have portrayed themselves that way, to get working people to vote for them. Some party members at the point of contact may have truly believed the propaganda. But that’s all it was, propaganda, to help them acquire and hold political power. They used that image the same way they use race today. The party doesn’t care one bit about minorities, except insofar as they vote Democrat. Did Lyndon Johnson not suggest as much?
    No, that image is one they made up for themselves, but that’s all it was, an image.

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