Angry Reader 10-04-2018

From An Angry Reader:

it is painful to see or read your columns.

I usually ignore them;today’s on Nunes was pathetic.

Mr. Hanson,you are a fraud and in a just world you’d be condemned

to occupy a spot in that special place down below where it’s always hot…

Delusional is a good word to describe what you must think of yourself;

another apt term is:traitor.


Dear Angry Reader Peter Cornell,

Unfortunately, Mr. Cornell, you exhibit most of the all-too-common pathologies of the Angry Reader—heat but no light, ad hominem attacks, incoherent arguments (how can you at the same time find my columns “painful” and yet “usually ignore them”?), and poor grammar. Again, try to demonstrate where and how the column on Nunes was either not factual or was illogical rather than just say that I belong in Hell or have betrayed my country.

If you are angry at something, please logically explain why and that way perhaps I can help you lessen your angst.


Victor Davis Hanson

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