Angry Reader 10-02-2018

From An Angry Reader:

Dear Dr. Hanson,

I am an angry reader.

I am angry because my two candidates for Senator from the state of California are both evil and/or just plain stupid.

Who should I vote for? Or should I sit that choice out? I’m leaning to the latter.


Dave Payton


Dear Angry Reader Dave Payton,

You refer to the choice between our 85-year old, multibillionaire, 26-years in the Senate, Diane Feinstein, a progressive social justice warrior, and current resident of a $20 million Pacific Heights mansion.

She has a bad habit of delayed revelations, such as informing the public only now that 5 years ago she was apprised by the FBI that for the prior 20 years her chauffeur and go-fer was a Chinese spy (and who was allowed to be exempt from espionage charges), at a time when she was often voting to liberalize Chinese-American relations (“I sometimes say that in my last life maybe I was Chinese”), and when her husband was conducting quite large business deals with the Chinese. Sen. Feinstein most recently kept from the Senate Judiciary Committee for 6 weeks a letter from an alleged victim of sexual assault. Then in extremis, Feinstein released the accuser’s name leading to the present second chapter of the melodrama. She is on record that she does not know whether the accusations and character assassination that she leaked at the 11th hour are even true.


Kevin Alexander Leon, now known as Kevin de León—a sometimes, and sometimes not, champion of sexual harassment whistleblower legislation, and former roommate of expelled State Senator Tony Mendoza, the alleged serial sexual harasser.

I leave that choice to you, whether to send a message to Sen. Feinstein that she should not have run for reelection given her quite shameful conduct in attempting to delude members of the Senate Judiciary Committee, or whether to send a message to Kevin Leon that his past antics and identity politics cynicism are exactly what California no longer needs.


Victor Davis Hanson

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