Angry Reader 08-28-2020

From An Angry Reader:


So what are you and your powerless conservative “thought leader” ilk going to do about our Revolution?

Keep writing your pathetic articles stating the obvious, keep bloviating on your self satisfied talk shows, keep preaching to your social distanced conservative choir as they sing themselves to sleep.

I hope you feel comfortable in your safe space describing the shock and awe as your country slowly melts away. 

That is why our Revolution will win: we are organized, we are advancing, we are fighting for what we know is our truth, while all you obsolete right wing relics just sit there alone pontificating with your myths.



Dear Angry Reader Chad Abel,

I admire your candor in confessing you at least believe you are a serious revolutionary, whatever that means today in our leisured and affluent society. Your revolutionary comrades have strange tastes, though—storming the Million Dollar Mile in Chicago to grab Gucci trinkets, trying to roast alive working-class police barricaded in a precinct under siege in Portland, toppling or defacing statues of Ulysses S. Grant and Frederick Douglas, or injuring 700 police.

We agree you are “organized,” perhaps “advancing,” and certainly “fighting” against the usually unarmed and vulnerable. But there is nothing “true” about any of you. Your forte is for the mob to kick and injure the elderly, the scared, and the defenseless already on the ground, not to storm into the working-class suburbs or the rural towns of Utah or Texas to take on your apparent natural enemies. You talk glibly, but your revolutionaries are so poorly educated that they deface the World War II monument and the Lincoln Memorial—was your message that Nazism and Japanese fascism or Confederate slave-owning were all preferable to the icons you defaced?

Oddly, you seem to know a great deal about what I write and watch where I appear; but if they provide you such anger to produce a puerile rant like this, then why become so fixated and obsessed? Why not instead write for your followers and go to CNN or MSNBC to share your zeal?

The country is challenged but it is not “melting” away—yet. And you should hope it does not when you are in extremis. Everything you hate is what you depend on: when you need surgery, or antibiotics, or to drive a car, or to use a computer, or to enter a building, or to board a plane, you are ignorantly drawing on the dividends of a sophisticated society that you neither understand nor contribute to, but always come home to when in need.

The “Revolution” is parasitical, from its narcissistic, self-obsessed selfies, to its ridiculous Antifa-chic black garb and fashionable riot gear, to the whiny nasal screams of your comrades when you occasionally spit too much and swear too often in the face of a policeman who decides to push back—sending your comrades into fetal positions screaming about the unfairness of it all.

No, yours is not a revolution, but the bored angst of a pampered class, bored from being locked up in quarantine and in hock for thousands of dollars in student loans for educations that were empty, and angry more at yourselves than your often incoherently targeted enemies.

If you were born a bit earlier, you would be swallowing goldfish, cramming into a telephone booth, or in the mud at Woodstock, because you are bored pranksters and pampered parasites, not revolutionaries.


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