Angry Reader 08-22-2018

From An Angry Reader:

Subject: Treasonous Historians

You are liar like Trump and you and your fellow Comprotnik should be breaking rocks in Leavenworth… Trying to undermine Mueller won’t work, the report will be devastating. You will be shown just as treasonous, and obviously racist, as the Putin puppet….For memory, how long did the Clinton probes run? You are a liar, not a scholar. LEAVENWORTH CALLS OR IS IT RUSSIAN HOOKERS….


Dear Angry Reader Owen Hall,

Is your angry reader letter serious or a caricature?

I ask only because in such a brief note, you score a 9 on the Angry Reader scale of 10: the anticipated slurs, the mindless repetition of nouns and adjectives, the silly charges of criminal activity, the pro forma capital letters, the incoherent grammar (what is it with the four-dot interruptions? and “you are liar”?), and the comical threats of federal imprisonment or torture (?) by Russian prostitutes.

To the degree that anything like your rant can be answered, let us just wait and let the dual processes of investigation continue. Either the long-delayed Mueller report will fulfill its mandate of investigating so-called Trump collusion and find culpability, and so the president will then be impeached, convicted, and indicted, or he won’t.

And similarly, the cast of characters at the Obama DOJ, FBI, CIA, and NSC will be shown either to have used their own offices and power to have weaponized their bureaus to undermine, first, a presidential campaign, and, second, a sitting president, or they will be exonerated from any wrongdoing—such as conspiring to deceive a FISA judge, illegally leaking unmasked names to the press of those found on surveillance reports, implanting informants into a political campaign, using the CIA to help conduct domestic surveillance, lying under oath to Congress and to federal investigators, improperly spying on U.S. citizens, leaking confidential and classified U.S. documents, and massaging and curtailing FBI investigations due to political pressures.

As a preliminary note, however, given the firings, retirements, and reassignments at the FBI and DOJ thus far, and the absence of any indictment involving “collusion,” it may be that those who sought to warp a U.S. election by destroying the Trump campaign face the greater criminal exposure.

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