Angry Reader 02-01-2019

From An Angry Reader:

Dear Dr. Hanson,

I am most definitely an “angry” reader, but in no way angry with your writing! I respect and value what you have to say, and read virtually everything you post on the Internet. Thank you for all you do.

I address you because you always have a view that is rational, interesting and adds immeasurably to the discourse; you seem to ‘get it.’

Like many other conservatives, I’m sure, my anger is boiling over from this latest insult and assault on conservatives: The Incident of the Covington Boys. Of course, it’s “just” the latest attack, but it’s so blatant, so vitriolic, so shameless, so widespread. Why, oh why, is there no way we can mount a coordinated defense/response/redress? Why do we have no “Tea Party” moment? Why is there no organization that reflects the other half of this country? Why is there no way to let the parents of Nicholas Sandmann know how proud so many of us are of their son and his literal stance? Why is it only Leftists are capable of implementing their agenda? Is it because we’ve kept our collective heads in the sand and just expected “others” would play by the rules? Is Pat Buchanan correct in his statement this date that the country votes, but the elites do as they please (e.g., Brexit, The Wall). Is it hopeless?

I am old and probably won’t see the end of this malaise. But I wish I could DO SOMETHING!

Any ideas??

Thanks again,

Linda Barr

Pe Ell, Washington


Dear Not Really Angry Reader Linda Barr,

You describe a paradox in which 55 percent of the country is socially and economically conservative and yet 90 percent of our influence creators—Hollywood, network news and programing, the mainstream media, the Internet and social media, foundations, universities, professional sports, most big corporations—are leftwing. The result is that the old silent majority is like some ancient defiant sandstone rock jutting out on the beach, as the relentless surf insidiously pounds it and wears it ever so slowly away.

My only advice is not to remain silent. Everyone, each according to his or her station, has a role to play. This is not time for timidity or reticence.

Third-trimester abortion is not normal but virtual infanticide. The New Green Deal is a prescription for disaster. Free college and cancellation of student debt are insults to millions who went to work at 18, did not drift in and out of college, and oppose Pajama Boy culture, and yet are asked to pay for the debts of the more advantaged. Medicare for all is Medicare for no one, and the pathway to managed and rationed care and worse to come. Wealth taxes and higher income and estate taxes will inevitably, despite the rhetoric, fall on the upper middle-class, given that billionaires are mostly on the side of the Left and find exemptions. Abolishing ICE and open borders mean the end of U.S. sovereignty.

These new progressive agendas are frightening and we must say “they shall not pass.”


Victor Hanson

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