Angry Reader 01-23-19

From An Angry Reader:


Dear Sir:

I just read your article in the opinion section of the Albuq. Journal today.

I guess I want to ask you if you approve of the President of our Country, the role model for our children, going out there every day lying, cheating, and manipulating everything money that Trump wants for his own account.

He will not turn over his tax returns. Why? He’s hiding something.

He doesn’t understand that even his family were immigrants. We all were.

He has no compassion or empathy for anyone, especially if you’re brown or black.

If you need proof, it’s there every day. Just open your eyes and watch the TV and read the paper.

Everyone with half a brain is DISGUSTED with Trump and his behavior on every level. I can’t wait until he gets impeached.

We are all DISGUSTED. And if you are not, you really need to talk to your mother and your wife and your daughter.

They need you to challenge his rhetoric, not support it. They are looking to you for your perspective.

It’s a great opportunity to show them how much of a man you are. Support them. Be kind to them. Believe in them.

Please retract your article.

Here is my personal mobile # if you would like to talk about it. 505-XXX-XXXX

Thank you for reading my email.

James L. Lester, RT, BSN, MbA
Medical Practice Consultants, Inc.


Dear Angry Reader James L. Lester,

I congratulate you on incorporating lots of our all too familiar characteristics of the Angry Reader.

You included the all-capital words of outrage.

You sign off with the usual array of titles to suggest authority and expertise.

There is the standard ad hominem (I am culpable and so must talk to my family for therapeutic guidance). Even my manhood is at stake if I do not denounce Trump (63 million are thus also emasculated?).

There is the usual leftist effort to censure opposition ideas (“Please retract your article”). And finally, there is simply no argument, just a serious of adolescent and unsupported assertions.

I wish all presidents might turn over their tax returns; few do. Barack Obama weaponized the IRS against his opponents, and never reported the gift from Tony Rezko of a radically discounted lot until exposed. Ditto Hillary on Cattlegate, in which against 1-4 trillion odds she parlayed $1,000 into $100,000 and never paid capital gains taxes on the profit—again, until caught.

I am afraid I have zero confidence in the news; just this weekend they presented the two latest examples of fabricated stories with the supposed proof that Michael Cohen was ordered to lie by Trump about the dates of the Trump organization’s business dealings in Russia, and the psychodrama of the Covington school kids on the DC mall. In both cases, the stories were unverified and yet used by the electronic lynch mob, pundits, and talking heads to hang Trump and the kids before the jury of facts and evidence weighed in and discredited the sources. The current progressive mob is sort of like the cowards who swarm the proverbial Western jail, eager to hang the suspect before he can be tried. Only in our culture there is no sheriff with a double-barreled shotgun to hold off the Internet mob and so they usually drag out and lynch their prey.

As for compassion, it can be defined a variety of ways. One might think how a 3% annualized GDP and peacetime unemployment at 3.7-9% has given millions a chance of a good job and with it respect and dignity—in a way not true since 2007.

Victor Davis Hanson, BA, PhD, JD (Honorary) etc. etc.
The Hoover Institution, Stanford University, etc. etc.

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