Ancient Tragedians and Modern Agonistes

Join the weekend episode with Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Sami Winc for analysis of Biden’s speech on Alexei Navalny death, Fani Willis’s trial, the Shellenberger-Taibbi-Gutentag investigation, a third party in our democracy, and the ancient Greek tragedians, Sophocles and Aeschylus.

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6 thoughts on “Ancient Tragedians and Modern Agonistes”


    Waiting for the first pedant to chime in about Sami’s intro with, “We don’t live in a democracy! We live in a republic!”

  2. What specifically do we do about it?
    Everyone evades this question. This is yet another interview where Dr. Hanson came close to taking us to the answer. He stopped as if at a precipice, because, I suspect, he knows that it is. Saying the answer out loud takes this country down a chasm.
    We’ve diagnosed to death the problem, its extent and its origins.
    If they will stop at nothing to arrogate power, including “manipulating” elections, weaponizing both the media to take your reputation and the courts to take your liberty, and if a generation is ginned up to hate patriots as an evil that cannot be permitted to speak, and too many of our fellow Americans are so “ignorant and arrogant” to object to it as wrong, then we know where this is headed.
    Our side doesn’t want violence, and won’t start any violence. But as Dr. Hanson indicates, all these signs indicate violence is coming for us, with cheers for the guillotine.
    If there is an alternative to simply “adjusting” – surrendering- to the subjugation that Dr. Hanson describes as already underway, what is it?
    He assured us here, again, that power will stand by while mobs wreak violence upon us. This will come right into our homes. Can we avert the violence coming our way? Or is it too late?
    God bless Dr. Hanson for autopsying the today’s crisis, for calling alarm, for citing parallels in history that show these times as dire. He’s a thought leader for our age. It is time to shift the dialogue to one of action. What action do

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