America’s Middle East Dilemma

Toppling tyrants is ineffective in the long term without years of unpopular occupation.

by Victor Davis Hanson // National Review Online

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4 thoughts on “America’s Middle East Dilemma”

  1. Dr. Hanson,

    If you had complete control over the US government what policy or policies would you implement concerning the Middle East?

  2. Since its location athwart east-west trade routes has been nullified by ocean-going vessels for half a millennium, it seems clear that the Mideast’s return to strategic importance over the last hundred years has occurred only because of the oil that it sits on top of. Oil that has brought a boom to the region that, it turns out, may be more temporary than anyone dared hope or fear.

    With American production set to overtake Saudi Arabia’s, via the growth which has already reduced U.S. dependence on imports from 60% to 35%, it’s going to be a hard sell, moving forward, to convince Americans to do anything other than steer clear of the Middle East’s dysfunctions. Furthermore, as America’s fracking technology disperses, boosting available reserves worldwide, the region’s machinations appear bound to become ever-more marginalized and irrelevant sideshows.

    BTW Prof. Hanson, thank you for allowing comments here. Among the rest of your fine writings, Carnage and Culture appears, quite clearly, as required reading for any competent canvas of world history. It is a privilege to be able to participate on your blog.

  3. Raenalle DeGidio

    Hello Dr. Hanson,

    Since the early days of September 11, I’ve read your articles and have been a great admirer of your political thought. I frequently post your articles on FB in an attempt to get the word out. This article describes my exact sentiments on the Middle East. I’m beginning to resent this area of the world as they behave like the spoiled, dysfunctional “problem child” in the international community of nations taking up everyone’s time and attention with their perpetual addiction to self-defeating behaviors. As far as our interventionalism, as has been said “we’re damned if we do, but dead if we don’t”. The Israeli’s have known this for years.

    That said, I know that you have no political ambitions, because I have heard you say so. But your wisdom would be infinitely valuable to any administration.

    Thank you for another great article.

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