American Strategic Policy, Banking and our Fentanyl Crisis

Victor Davis Hanson with cohost Sami Winc discuss American strategic policy, the European Central Bank on interest rates and the difference between the European Central Bank and the Fed here in the U.S., and China and our fentanyl crisis.

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11 thoughts on “American Strategic Policy, Banking and our Fentanyl Crisis”

  1. To find who to blame for the fentanyl crisis, look no further than the DEA. If there is an agency more incompetent than the CDC, it would be the DEA. Together they’re very damaging.

    1. people might have forgotten about General Oliver North smuggling habit into United States. The game is get them hooked and destroyed the country for profit. The players might not realize how evil and destructive this is in the long run. My guess is they know but don’t give a damn otherwise how could you live with yourself.

  2. Charles Carroll

    Dr. Hanson said that we are half way through the year with Army recruiting at 40%. Actually the FISCAL year ends on 30 September so we were 75% through the year when that was announced. We are now at 5/6 through the Fiscal Year.

    Relative to Rules-based World governance, let’s remember to celebrate the success of the Kellog-Briand Pact.

  3. Ok. So what I hear Victor saying on Ukraine is that, whatever the morality of the case, the United States military, government, economy, and foreign standing are too weak to participate in any conflicts that do not immediately involve U.S. territory. Thus, until the military is reformed, the Progressives are destroyed politically, the economy revitalized, and foreign standing revived, we cannot offer Ukraine, Taiwan, and perhaps even other NATO members anything more than diplomatic aid. If, in the meantime, the Ukrainian nation ceases to exist (or Poland, Lithuania, Taiwan, Moldova, etc.) and the Ukrainian people are reduced to refugees, then it is too bad for them. Anyone who believes differently is either a Progressive moral zealot, uninformed, or has read the strategic calculus the wrong way. Is that what Victor is saying? To my best understanding, that is what I’m hearing. What am I missing?

    1. You must not follow Victor enough to understand what he is saying. If you did you would know from his speeches he knows much more about the corruption in Ukraine leading up to the current ruler who was put in place by ObamBiden regime. I do not hear you commenting about the injustice occurring elsewhere around the world such as Yemen, which truly is desperately in need but Obama has made them Americas enemy to support the oil Saudi oligarchs. I can go on with many examples but all you have to know is Obama took America from 2 wars to 7 wars during his time in office so why the hell would anyone support him. Speaking of not making sense, when Bush Jr. says anything why would anyone believe someone who lied about WMD? Now he wants to tell Americans we have a domestic problem due to protesting J6. Only evil can come from the Bush and Cheney dynasty.

      1. I’ve listened to all Victor’s lectures and read most of his articles and books. He doesn’t speak too much to corruption in the Ukrainian government or why that matters to this particular conflict except for a word or two in his most recent podcast on the subject simply saying that the Ukrainians aren’t perfect and may engage in barbarism as the conflict lengthens (the perfect victim fallacy?). The rest of your comment doesn’t strike me as particularly on topic. Could you clarify?

  4. Who wants to join a sissy US Army to fight for gender issues? That’s not what real men and women want to serve their country for. It is now like the Soviet propaganda officers that were right next to the soldiers to monitor their political thoughts.

    No one wants to be an imperialist, occupying army that polices the world. The military is for our national defense; not the defense of Ukraine or Iraq…

  5. Barbara Humphreys

    As Victor has stated many times in different forms, it took us perhaps a thousand millennia to go from a true state of nature to the civil society created by the Western world that we enjoy today, but it takes as little as a few generations to damage it to the point where it can fail and disappear. I am hoping we are not at that point yet, but certainly, we cannot take another generation of what we have today. As for the military, the critical question is, now that those with a tradition of serving have been turned off and the tradition has been broken, what are the chances that it can be revived again while skipping a generation? Seems like a gamble we should not have taken. Or, perhaps the meaning of “tradition” is as fluid as that of “recession”. Or perhaps we are having a recession in tradition. Let’s hope so.

    1. The military we had a few years ago was the result of systemic reforms after the failure and lessons in Vietnam. So, it can be done (even in the face of a nuclear, expansionist, Soviet Union) if the will is there.

  6. I was never tired of Trump’s twits. I found it entertaining, informative, and quite affective. I was never as engaged in politic as I did the 6 years Trump was in politic. I hope he will run and win again because he knows what he is doing. He can explain inflation better than anyone in just 3 words – HIGH ENERGY COST!

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