Afghanistan’s Past, Present, and Future

General H. R. McMaster and military historian Victor Davis Hanson are both senior fellows at the Hoover Institution. In this frank, no-holds-barred conversation, they discuss the United States’ mission in Afghanistan: how it began, how it was conducted, and its ignominious end.

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5 thoughts on “Afghanistan's Past, Present, and Future”

  1. This was an excellent discussion. Peter Robinson’s interventions were timely. As ever, VDH put America’s Afghan experience into a wider context, which is essential for non-military listeners. With the likes of H.R. McMaster there is hope for the American military.

    1. I got the completely opposite indication about hope for the US military based on McMaster’s comments. He did not seem to be even slightly aware of the state of, and perception of, our current armed forces. Honestly, almost everything he posited might as well have been from a 1980’s “Be all you can be…” recruitment ad.

  2. I felt that, with all due respect, McMaster was incredibly out of touch about the state of the military and the republic. How can the problems we face be solved when people at the top, like McMaster, don’t even fundamentally understand them? Repeatedly saying we cannot allow the military to become what it already is was infuriating, and frankly, either intellectually dishonest or stupidity. I say this respectfully of course.


    McMaster’s actions speak louder than his words, During his tenure as Trumps former national security advisor he helped reinforce the myth of Russian interference in the election, and did much to undermine Trump at every turn. He is clearly a member or since his retirement a former member of the new ” woke” military.

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