Advantage Trump and Other Notable Matches

Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Sami Winc analyze the SCOTUS decision against de-balloting Trump, Trump’s other expectation in the lawfare cases, Super Tuesday results, California criminals can file “systemic racism” appeals, Victoria Nuland quits, and Joy Reid can’t stop being Joy Reid.

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16 thoughts on “Advantage Trump and Other Notable Matches”

  1. SOTU was the rallying cry to all Republicans, Independents and Democrats (that love the USA) to wake up and take back our country from the pro-Chinese progressive anti-American wing of the communist dem party

  2. William Dewan-McCartney

    VDH, your opines are a breathe of fresh air to this Seenagers ears.
    Donald could definately use to have you as part of his Senior Close padvisors. Keep it mind sir, I shall work on him 😉

  3. So, let me get this straight. In 2014, Russia intercepted a private phone call made INSIDE UKRAINE between the US Ambassador and a US Assistant Secretary of State (demonstrating the depth of Russian interference in Ukrainian affairs) and VDH is more concerned with our State officials having opinions than that Russia was going to lose their corrupt influence over Ukrainian affairs? That doesn’t sound like Reagan conservatism to me. And then VDH says he wants Ukraine to have enough support to defend their territorial integrity, but argues they shouldn’t be fighting to regain Russian-occupied territory in part because they have “Russian-speaking majorities?” Ridiculous! Ukrainians have mostly spoken Russian since the Soviet era when Ukrainian was banned. Some of this stuff is alarmingly in sync with Russian propaganda talking points. Turn down the David Sacks podcast and come back to the right, VDH. I agree we haven’t given enough for Ukraine to win. Let’s change that.

    1. First step in giving Ukraine what they need to win is demanding Zelensky accept the plane ride he failed to accept the very beginning of the “minor incursion” (Biden’s comment).
      There may have been a time when Zelensky could have been a successful president but not once Putin invaded. Military operations is probably Zelensky’s weakest skillset and he failed to let his military fight while at the same time allowed the pilfering of US/EU aid.

  4. David Rafeedie

    You made mention to the US government ban on gas stoves. It is getting worse as the Department of Energy’s (DOE) rule to raise the minimum efficiency on gas furnaces. The compliance date (enforcement) for this rule is December 18, 2028.
    This rule raises the minimum efficiency of gas furnaces to 96%.
    In the past furnaces were either 80% or 90%+ efficient. Increasing the minimum to 96% has numerous consequences. All of them costly to the consumer. The Biden/Obama administration is on the pathway of banning gas furnaces and making a heat pump the only option. Good luck to northerners. I hope your power never goes off.

  5. Hi Dr. Hanson, you have spoken of the dismantling/blowing up of the CA dams before. The Siskiyou County Supervisor said that he’s seen lots of natural disasters, but nothing like this. The worst he has ever seen. Hundreds of thousands of dead fish, dead, poisoned wildlife. Toxic sediment that stretches for miles. Everything, everyone impacted. And THEN, Newsom asked for federal money for impacted fisheries, charter companies, etc. $20.6 million. Its all so beyond belief that its beyond belief. And where are those tribes now, the ones who spoke of wanting free swimming fish? How about we cut fed money to them? Does everyone just get to hit and run? Why hasn’t Newsom been investigated or arrested already? Why havent all of them? Our country is being bankrupted and dismantled. And turned into a 3rd world dump.

  6. I wholly disagree with Prof Hanson’s idea that Trump should invite Nikki Haley’s endorsement. Aside from the fact that the majority of people voting for her in the primary were actually Democrats voting in open primaries, the amount of support that Haley actually has with the new movement of Republicans is nil. The old guard Republican Party (RINOS) do NOT want a Trump presidency, and as we saw in 2016, do whatever is necessary to undermine him. The Uniparty between Dems and Republicans is no longer a secret.

  7. After the 2016 election, I was pleased that the Republican presidential candidate won, not because of Trump., but because of the party platform that he ran on. Not long after, I changed my voter registration to Independent because of his antics and pre-election behavior which continued during his presidency. However, I watched carefully during his term and he surprisingly implemented nearly the entire platform, despite the opposition of Democrats and some members of his own party. It is now apparent that he did not “drain the swamp” as the swamp is now flooding (along with illegal immigrants)during the Biden administration. He lost his chance in 2020; he might get another this November.

  8. I hope many catch the comment regarding the GOP losing the popular votes the last 7 of 8 presidential election; but you said “I don’t THINK they won it in 2020”. I heartily agree, 81 million votes my backside!

  9. I hope listeners catch the comment VDH made regarding the GOP losing 7 of the last 8 popular votes in presidential elections. Victor followed that with “I don’t think they lost 2020”. I agree, 81 million votes my butt!

  10. I was struck by the comment at the end from a fellow Canadian about the lack of a VDH counterpart in Canada. While we do have some prominent and effective commentators, first and foremost Jordan Peterson when he addresses national issues, the mainstream media here is just as hopelessly monolithic and conformist as the American mainstream media. What we don’t have is a Fox News equivalent, and apart from a couple of honourable exceptions, we don’t really have a conservative voice with the same clout. But I also think we’re observing the same reaction among the populace, in that no one believes what the media propagates here since we can see with our own eyes the discrepancy between what we’re told and daily reality. I will not get started on the narcissistic incompetent calling himself Prime Minister, but the best we can hope for in the US and Canada is a decisive, incontestable Trump victory this year and a Conservative landslide in the 2025 Canadian election. I share VDH’s concern at the consequences of the coming elections and the choice they present between civilization and chaos. Having been fortunate enough to live and work in the US (a country that gave me opportunities I would not have had in Canada), I hope that our American friends will remember what is best in them, their history, institutions, and aspirations and halt the slide into balkanization and anarchy that the Democrats appear to be enacting.

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