Addled Biden and Xenophon Our First Polymath

Join Victor Davis Hanson with cohost Sami Winc this weekend for a discussion of Biden’s “reassuring” speech, the Biden classified files, and Xenophon’s life as a soldier, philosopher, historian, and his works covering everything from war to Socrates to everyday life–is he the first man we should know from Ancient Greece.

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9 thoughts on “Addled Biden and Xenophon Our First Polymath”

  1. Thank you for addressing the travesty of justice committed in DC this week. I followed the Mann v. Steyn trial assiduously as a Mark Steyn fan and a former DC criminal lawyer deeply concerned about the assault on free speech throughout the West. In Climate Science on Trial your readers can access verbatim testimony read by actors. The podcast is quite entertaining and while written and curated by Steyn fans, the selections fairly accurately reflect the high and low trial points. Mann’s victory will embolden others to employ lawfare to silence critics. More information can be found on Steyn Online. Btw not only is Steyn brilliant, talented, and witty he is every bit a gentleman. I received a personal signed thank you note as a proud owner of Liberty Stick No. 164, my contribution to Steyn’s legal expenses and free speech. I love your, Sami and Jack’s contribution to the Liberty cause. I am a fan. John Stuart Mill’s essay On Liberty makes crystal clear why the First Amendment needs to be protected from today’s fools and evil doers.

  2. So glad that Victor and Jack have been following the Steyn trial.

    That was just one of three events that occurred between Thursday and Friday of last week.

    1. Putin interview with Tucker Carlson. Currently with 183 million views.

    2. Biden cleared of mishandling confidential materials on the basis of mental incapacity.

    3. Mark Steyn’s $1 million punative damage.

    Can you think any two-day period when such disparate and independent events occurred? We certainly live in interesting times!

  3. VDH, I applaud your wishing that Trump does the right things to promote his re-election. I suggest one more time that you offer your services and advice to the Trump campaign…..

  4. Regarding my question about historical coincidences, about the only thing I can think of were the Union victories at Gettysburg on July 3, 1863, and Vicksburg on July 4th, 1863.

    On an unrelated topic Victor often complains about trash dumped alongside the road on in his vineyard or orchard. I stumbled on this story this morning:

    “Fly-tippers trapped as locals block their vans and call police”,

    I presume that “Fly” refers to fly-ash, a residue created by heating with coal in home furnaces. So, this problem dates back two or three centuries. Even today, many of my neighbors heat with wood and thus have similar waste, but it is beneficial to gardens and so disposal is not an issue. I wouldn’t recommend that Victor use a few of his farm implements to trap a dumper since they may be armed. But vigilantism is occasionally the response to lawlessness, at least in those places that refuse to surrender to the chaos. The Warwickshire incident if repeated here in the USA would likely find the honest citizens imprisoned. Or so I presume given that Victor was admonished not to remove a crashed vehicle on his property by the authorities. We need a lot more coincidental good news!

    1. A ” historical” comment on trash tipping. I lived in Midland, Michgan June 1966 until December 1977. The custodian in the building I supervised was about 6’3″ and built like a line backer.

      He was in the parking lot of a local grocery store when the driver of a nearby car opened the window and dumped out the contents of his ash tray on the ground. Dean got out of his car picked up ALL THE ASHTRAY TRASH, opened the rear driver’s side rear door and dumped the contents on the car floor.
      His remarks to the driver were~ “Just making sure you don’t forget this. ”

  5. I continue to listen to your podcasts and read your work. I really enjoyed your discussion of Xenophon and his background. I’m tempted learn classical Greek so I can read the originals, but the English translations will have to suffice for now.

    Your remark at the end of the Podcast about being a link in a long chain was poignant. There’s no “back-up” America to escape to. The only way to repay the sacrifices made by earlier generations of Americans is to keep the light burning and fight the battles that must be fought. The only reason to keep fighting is help the next generation keep this wonderful inheritance called America.

    Mr. Hanson, you continue to be a light of reason during difficult times, and I think your forebearers would be extremely proud of you, especially your namesake. Thanks again for the continuing education!

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