A Stronger Israel?

Elite opinion believes Israel will lose “long-term” whatever happens in the next weeks. Not necessarily.

by Victor Davis Hanson // National Review Online


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7 thoughts on “A Stronger Israel?”

  1. VDH sums this up nicely. If there is a full blown war in the region it will be the politicians that loose the war not the generals who give the commands. Churchill and Patton said it best that post World War II wars would be fought without chivalry. Where is the honor and bravery in a non romantic war of stupidity, killing innocent school children. Good thing George is safe at home on the ranch and even Patton’s Pinko knows better than to commit American troops in Israel. Americas political might should have been broadcasted more given the relationship with Israel. John Wilks booth was hung and took over five minutes after the end of Americas Civil War for kicking Lincoln. Killing innocent school children should demand more action. Jews are not dogs, but they continue to fight with the original tribes that were in constant turmoil in the Christian bible. Pinko and George listened better to their masters and Generals still make better decisions than politicians or Americas Secretary of State John Kerry. Diplomats to Israel is a bad idea. A simple stop being stupid show of American might against terror in the region shows that America doesn’t negotiate with terrorists. School teacher would have negotiated a cease fire faster.


  2. Those in the region refuse to accept help from a hopeless situation of years of fighting. Those who attack Israel consider to fantasize about what can be accomplished. The habitual daydreaming that is done in Gaza always leads to blood shed. Children and school teachers have seen firsthand the fruits of folly in the region. As a slave to violence, they seek the protection by countries like the United States. In taking so long to respond it would have been better if President Obama would have handed in his resignation and left. Not committing to fight the wicked shows the Muslim leadership that the President supports. John Kerry really never had a goal to assist, and cease fires aren’t as good as treaties that end wars. Wise men in acquiring hearts for children and women no longer wage war against them. The want of heart in Gaza shows immaturity. Knowing Western Civilization and its standards, Secretary of State Kerry needs to present a Treaty not a Cease fire. Pummeling bodies in Israel shows the same terrorist ambitions that should never be tolerated. As noted John Wilks Booth for a his terror and killing of Abe Lincoln saw him hang over five minutes and the conspirators. After Jefferson Davis fled for Texas and then Mexico, it was relevant that a surrender had to be signed and a promise that a Civil War would never take place in the United States again. Those in the region need to learn from the qualities that weigh heavy responsibilities in the Civil War region of Gaza.


  3. Something not mentioned in the article is that the demographics sustain long term Israeli stability. At one time, the Muslims were out breeding the Israelis, but that is no longer true. The Israelis have a fertility rate of 3 children per woman. The more religious have the higher birth rate, so the Israeli Left are dying off. The fertility rate in Gaza and the West bank has declined to 2.75 children. Recently, The fertility rate of the surrounding countries have dropped from 4.7 to 3.6 children with other decreases, perhaps, to come.


  4. Thanks to both you and Bruce Thornton for providing clarity to understanding the major global events and their potential impact on shaping both today’s world and that of the foreseeable future.

  5. Gaza has become a lost cause. Send in the 1st Orange Calvary with Robert Duvall and help make Israel strong again. The US was once a strong super power until Democrats took power. Hamas is terror agent orange kills. Another agent in Vietnam burned worse when people tried to get it off. Guerrillas bring out the worst to civil combat. I love the smell of passive Democrat Presidents in Israel, smells like Cowards and Do Nothings on Riverboats. Patton would defeated Hamas in 1 month…

  6. Hamas picked an unfortunate time to attack Israel. For supporters of both Israel and Palestine would find alternate villains who would be more despicable. ISIS proved more brutal and effective than Hamas and threatens Israel’s neighbors more than Israel does. Those in search for a Western villain would prefer Putin over Netanyahu. After all, Israel had no part in shooting down a commercial airliner.

    In terms of consequences the West does imposes serious sanctions on Russia, not Israel. The Middle East likewise condems ISIS rather than Israel.

    Public perception of Israel seems to change too. I ran into a pro Israel demonstration in Germany weeks ago. Those were young people on the far-left who had been demonstrating as part of the occupy movement earlier. They explained to me how they discoverd that the traditional left, of which they were a part, exposed an ever-present background of anti-semitic undertones which made them swing to a pro-Israel position.

  7. Hizbollah was silent in this recent fight because of the Islamic State rolling into Lebanon. It does them no good to pick a fight with Israel when a war for survival is arriving on their doorstep.

    As for the Palestinians in Gaza shunting Hamas aside in the aftermath of this fight, that sounds fanciful. Both the Palestinians and Israelis are, in general, committed to a war of survival. There was that redacted editorial in the Times of Israel regarding the justification of genocide in Gaza for the sake of Israeli survival: I take that as a primary source document pointing to the zeitgeist of Israeli thought. Gazan thought is similarly entrenched. If missiles and tunnels fail to deliver sufficient strikes on Israel, then the leaders there will rethink their attacks, not call them off.

    Arab propaganda talks of how they’re only 60-odd years into a 200-year conflict, comparing it to the 200 years spent in fighting, then driving out, the Crusader states. When Arabs speak of the long term, that’s the number they’re considering. Israel’s prime support is the USA, but where will the USA be in 50 years, let alone 150? The British were once the mightiest empire in the world, and they were made to let go of Palestine as their strength waned, their “century” long since over. As the far called navies melt away, the fires sink on dune and headland, and our pomp is one with Nineveh and Tyre, then the question will come to Israel: accommodate the Palestinians or perform a Samson act with their nuclear explosives?

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