A Special on Military Training Institutions

Join Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Jack Fowler as VDH chronicles his experience as an instructor at Annapolis Naval Academy and other military institutions, and also recounts seminal moments in his career.

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7 thoughts on “A Special on Military Training Institutions”

  1. It was shocking to learn that the United States Naval Academy has a faculty that is nearly all liberal in the English, History and Political Science departments.

    The Academy’s claim that its faculty is merely meant to be representative of the nation is a lie since only about a third of the American people identify as liberal.

    Also, the faculty’s hostility to conservative viewpoints and professors demonstrates that they are not interested in representation in their classrooms but only to dominate the minds of its students and indoctrinate their viewpoint.

    Those who are conservative should emulate the Left’s takeover of America’s educational institutions by becoming teachers who provide a fair and honest instruction for their students.

      1. Yup. If Jack goes, I will personally show up on Uictor’s lawn in drag and dance the hula until his dogs devour me.

        That aside, I love Keegan, but I came to Keegan via Hanson after grad school. 🙂 I still have The Western Way of War on my shelf and would love to hear Uictor respond to some of the more recent challenges to his model from Matthews and his ANZAC coalition.

  2. Steve Fernandez

    The John Keegan story is a great reminder that little things can make a big difference in life. Nothing is an accident.

  3. Thomas Garvey

    Victor, I recall seeing you on “Book TV” in 2003. Brian Lamb was interviewer who was always excellent on NPR. I was fascinated with your military history and specifics of time and events. There was a Q & A in the final of 3 hours program. The questions were really challenging but one was for me impossible. Someone asked about Hannibal crossing the Alps around 213 BC and if he turned left or right at point on the mountain pass and the effect on Roman Legions. You said that was interesting because it was a Tuesday in October,67°, night 27°temps snow flurries, were were reflecting off the elephants ears, while troops, starved after 181.5 days march. Further Hannibal was able to rally his men promising to continue the downhill side into Italy’s wine region with pizza. My follow up, question were they square or round pies? appreciate it when you add color & detail.

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