A Pageant To a Soldier’s Training

We are all thankful for our soldiers-at-arms. Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Sami Winc examine Cortez’s defeat of the Aztecs and the 2012 Benghazi attack on 911 — captivating tales of skill, duty and solidarity.

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3 thoughts on “A Pageant To a Soldier's Training”

  1. George W. Katsilometes

    The leftist lying about the Benghazi attack is no surprise. It helped get Obama re-elected and their lying continued in the 2020 election they stole. It also continues with the aid of the fake news and the way the Socialist Democrat Party is marching us to a totalitarian state. It must be stopped or we will lose what is left of our freedoms. Too much government control of our lives is what we have now.

  2. The Benghazi attacks in 2012 exposed feckless and reckless leadership intent on protecting a deceptive political narrative that resulted in tragic loss of life. It would seem difficult to top such a remarkable failure. Yet, in the aftermath there is a deceptive public relations campaign launched to re-frame the event to favor and justify decisions of those accountable. Some realize, despite how ridiculous or nonsensical, that it works for the first few media publication cycles and take note of how much favorable national media coverage is achieved in the short term. Even longer term the false narrative itself becomes the topic of discussion, thus further obfuscating and deflecting the away from any accountability of leadership. This becomes the model going forward.

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