A Moral Primer

Obama’s legacy: government-induced chaos at home, moral equivalence abroad.

by Victor Davis Hanson // National Review Online


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5 thoughts on “A Moral Primer”

  1. Instead of resigning, Hagel should have taken a cue from Sisi of Egypt and staged a coup. They know how to deal with Muslim Brutha Hood Tyrants. BTW, great article, very good summation of the entire mess. At least he helped the NRA and the firearms industry. PS: My condolences – also posted them on John Batchelor’s fan page.

  2. Qualified by one partial term as a junior U.S. Senator, and before that, as a moonbat “community activist” in Chicago, this guy has to be the most overrated politico in history. Elected to two terms as president? You’re kidding me, right?

  3. Reply to Jeff Stanley…Mr. Hanson’s perceptual and expressive genius qualifies him to share his thoughts with those of us who love our country, and do not want it to continue its downward spiral into Socialism.

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