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A Happy Biden Kwanzaa and Crazy New Toy Requirements

On this episode, join Victor Davis Hanson and co-host Jack Fowler as they discuss Joe Biden’s Kwanzaa wishes, the Governor of Minnesota shows his ignorance to history on social media, and California has new requirements for toys being sold in the state.

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4 thoughts on “A Happy Biden Kwanzaa and Crazy New Toy Requirements”

  1. When you look up the slaughter of settlers by Native Americans on the internet, some writers(recently), say that the settlers(Baker-Fancher Party) were really killed by Mormons…ATI, written by Lea Silverman…it seems this is more of the left wing trying to rewrite history to suit the left wing agenda.

  2. I am the surgeon whose article you referred to in this podcast and have been fighting DEI in the American College of Surgeons for several years. For my efforts, I have been banned for life from having any access to the discussion forums of the ACS and even from access to the member’s directory and my own private mailbox. I have followed Victor and his writings, including several of his books and found him to be a uniquely articulate, thoughtful commentator on our culture and current situation in the US.
    I would love to have a discussion on the podcast with Victor. What is happening in the ACS is critical. Surgery is a litmus test for the corrosive nature of DEI. Everyone has a stake in this- both surgeons and patients. Anyone who ever needs an operation should not have to question whether their surgeon was chosed for training based on merit versus meeting some diversity category, and their training not compromised by devoting time to ideological indoctrination.
    Richard T. Bosshardt, MD, FACS

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