A Few Cracks in the Progressive Wall

Victor Davis Hanson // National Review

The contemporary progressive agenda — of, say, an Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Kamala Harris, Bernie Sanders, or Elizabeth Warren — has rarely appealed to 51 percent of the American electorate. Most polls show opposition to Court packing and the abolition of the Electoral College.

Voters don’t seem to like the Green New Deal. They oppose fracking banslate-term abortions, open borders, and illegal immigration. Medicare for all and health care for illegal aliens aren’t winning issues. Usually the Left hammers these causes in primaries and then for six months denies their earlier support during the general-election campaign.

Still, these agendas endure because the Left has been as adroit in operating the levers of American cultural, economic, and social influence and power as it has been unsuccessful in obtaining popular political support for its elite-driven policies.

The media, Silicon Valley, Wall Street, corporate boardrooms, the arts, public schools, higher education, the entertainment industries, Hollywood, the foundations, and professional sports exercise clout unseen at any time in American history.

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