A Country’s Destiny Is Self-Created

Join Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Jack Fowler, as they talk about Israel, the Texas shooting, Peter Navarro arrest, the Biden cabinet, and the economy.

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13 thoughts on “A Country's Destiny Is Self-Created”

  1. Don’t care = sociopath !

    Don’t care and does harm = psychopath !

    If Biden says “ “we had the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud operation in US political history ?” How is voting going to be better in November mid terms compared to 2020 ?

    An interested U.K. observer

  2. davetmcguire@msn.com

    I think this was another very good talk by VDH, but i couldn’t hear all of it because of the very irritating background noise that I’ve heard, and has been commented on, in other podcasts. As it is off and on and only when Victor is speaking (AND sounds like someone scribbling notes) i’m assuming it’s from Jack’s end. Jack, if you are writing notes while your guest is speaking, please stop.

  3. Charles Carroll

    From 8Dec18 Breitbart News:
    A study from the Crime Prevention Research Center (CPRC) shows that the United States ranks 64th in the per capita frequency on the list of countries that witnessed mass shootings from 1998 to 2015.
    The study also found that while the U.S. constitutes 4.6 percent of the world’s population, “it makes up less than 1.15 percent of the mass public shooters” and less than 1.5 percent of their murders.

    CPRC used the study’s summary to explain: “Over the 18 years from 1998 to 2015, our list contains 2,354 attacks and at least 4,880 shooters outside the United States and 53 attacks and 57 shooters within our country. … Attacks in the US are not only less frequent than other countries, they are also much less deadly on average.”

    It added, “Out of the 97 countries where we have identified mass public shootings occurring, the United States ranks 64th in the per capita frequency of these attacks and 65th in the murder rate.”

  4. Carmel Aucoin

    Welcome back! Never missed a beat though because of all the VDH on file already. Had to leave the website so I can reinstate with Paypal.(when my son comes over to do the connection). Soon I hope.
    Clyburne – where is he? He’s the joker who set up the bloke in business(with help from the vote count).
    Callous and condescending are 2 words that come to mind for Biden and company; his problem is way more serious than that but these words are more understood by the majority.
    First heard speaking engagements on Roku Youtube 6 years ago …… never looked back.

  5. Carmel Aucoin

    Forgot to mention ….. I disconnected the speaker and reconnected ….. voila! Good as new; will leave it to the techies to explain it. Not the first time to happen, on other items.

  6. Victor, we alerady HAVE strong laws prohibiting any convicted felon from simple possession of any firearm. Been that way for a few decades. But how often is this law simply ignored? Most of the time. The vast majority of the evil gunmen of late have prior records long enough to trail on the floor behind him. It makes no difference……
    I see NO problem whatsoever with those 18 and older being free to purchase/possess any firearm they care to acquire. Proprotionlly there are no more in that age group of evil intent than there are in the group above 21 years of age. Anyone old enough to drive a car (a VERY lethal item, wouldn’t you agree?) is also old enough to possess firearms. I have young friends in their early teens who are every bit as safe and responsible with guns as any adult I know.
    As ever, it is never an issue with the hardware…. the metal, plastic, wood, etc. It is ALWAYS an issue with the software controlling that hardware. Wilfuly misuse a firearm, take up residence in a place with long vertical bars, and wearing orange onesies. EVERY time.

  7. hi from hawaii

    love hearing you talk about sanity in our current “INSANE WORLD” i look forward to these podcast every week. good to hear someone who has a “like mind”, as i do. i been almost every where in the world that i have wanted to see. Israel would be someplace i would like to go. even better with you VDH. thank you for these podcast.

  8. Stephen William Mc Dougall

    Hi VDH,

    Still love your analysis of US issues.

    Glad to see that you now view the Ukraine war as a US proxy war against Russia. Not sure that Russia’s leadership is unhinged. That’s a bit like calling the kettle black given that the entire Western leadership is unhinged and insane.

    Anyway keep up the great work.

    1. False equivalence Mr. McDougall. Biden may be senile and wicked, but he hasn’t invaded Canada in the name of liberating Quebec and butchered civilians like it’s Kosovo Part II.

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