From an Angry Reader:

Your opinions are about as nutty as the incoming administration and fake news as well as Trump’s constant spins/basic lies. Let mainstream media and journalism in general do their job and ask the hard questions that need to be answered. We are just plain lucky the 4th estate is around to keep Trump and his cronies under the microscope.

 Jim Kirk

Victor Davis Hanson’s Reply:

Dear Angry Reader Jim Kirk,

Why does the Left always begin with invective and slurs rather than an argument? It is hard to answer your incoherence given that there are not examples or logic.

RE: Mainstream media?

Are you serious?

Where have you been the last eight years? Have you tuned into an Obama news conference which is usually a rivalry of reporters trying to outdo the next in obsequiousness?

Have you reviewed the ethos of the mainstream media as captured in Wikileaks?

A Glen Thrush of Politico writing to the Clinton Campaign to confess he’s a “hack,” while he sends his pre-published puff pieces for its approval?

Or Donna Brazile writing to Mr. Podesta to brag she unethically has access to debate questions?

Or John Harwood writing to boast about his hits as a debate moderator on Trump?

Or Dana Milbank writing the Clinton campaign requesting free research help from them for his hit piece on Trump?

Or CNN’s Christiane Amanpour explaining why reporters cannot and should not be neutral anymore?

Or The New York Times’ Jim Rutenberg writing that in matters of covering Trump, journalists need not be neutral or “fair”?

Fake News? Should we laugh or cry when the fabulist Brian Williams lectures on the dangers of faking the news?

The list could be expanded, but these are the people whom you trust to keep “Trump and his cronies under the microscope.”

Mr. Kirk: there is no disinterested media anymore. In 2009, it declared Barack Obama before entering office variously to be the smartest man ever to assume the presidency, a living “god,” capable of sending tingles up newsmen’s legs, and brilliant because of his nice pant’s crease. Are these the ethical auditors you rely on to evaluate Trump?

I want the media to cross-examine all candidates. No one was harder on Trump than were The Weekly Standard, National Review, and lots of writers for The Wall Street Journal—none of which publications endorsed him. Were any mainstream publications on the Left equally critically of Hillary Clinton? If not, why not?

I could go on, but you are seriously delusional, and simply reflect the teeth-gnashing of those who realize that the election was a national rebuke to Obamism, Clintonism, and the media establishment, whose arrogance and hubris earned them a bitter Nemesis. Will you learn from the election that unethical means are never justified by purportedly noble ends?

Sincerely, Victor Davis Hanson

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