America’s October Worries

Unlike the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962, many of the threats we currently face are self-created.

by Victor Davis Hanson // National Review Online


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9 thoughts on “America’s October Worries”

  1. When poor John Kennedy bungled the Cuban invasion, Khrushchev assessed him as a weakling and a fool. I believe that the Cuban Missile Crisis was a direct result of Kennedy’s actions. Much as the Iranians released the hostages when Reagan was inaugurated: Carter was a weakling and a fool; Reagan not so much.

  2. Once again you are spot on, and once again the truth goes unheeded by many Americans. Will it take a complete collapse of our political system for any of this to sink in? Obama and his agenda have put the USA back on its heels. Will his final two years be the tipping point, or are we there now? God help our great Republic!

  3. To get right to the point: What chance of an impeachment or – worse – criminal investigation of the current President after the November mid-terms routing of the Democrats? Mr Obama – surely the weakest and most incapable occupant of the White House since the early 1860’s – must realize his historic faults and how they have undermined America – AND the West??!!
    I am no expert on constitutional history as are you and others with backgrounds from academia and the Courts, but all the same— Perhaps Richard Posner can be asked to voice an opinion on the running scandal of BHO???

  4. Perhaps our planet is begging for professors Victor Davis Hanson and Bruce Thornton to become, respectively, US President and Vice President?
    What would happen if a new, Reaganesque, Classic-Trained POTUS and V-POTUS… took the world’s stage and forced the Lie-Loving-Narrative-Mongers to stew in their own “macabre-mongering” evil-story-juices?
    Sigh… Methinks long and hard that God ordains things so often in threes. First our 1776 Revolution, Second our Civil War to end slavery by whip & chain… and finally some Third Conflagration that ends the Death-Loving Progressive slavery by mental whip and chains by all other means than physical chains.
    Thirty years ago talk radio came unto our mentalities to make us aware how the slavery by other means had been achieved. Now all the talk, all the exposure, all the proof-it-is-worse-slavery-than-chain-&-ball-slavery… proves that, well, talk is cheap… when we have divisions of only mouths and they all power of government.
    Wars change minds, we know that is a fact. Will anything short of a Third Civil War… free America to it’s great destiny as leader of all nations by being that great operating system that allows humans to grow into highest attainable maturities?
    Because for a long time, cogent Founding-Father-like minds are showing all that the enemy is caught with its hand in the cooky jars of tyranny, hands caught enslaving us and killing us… and the Cookie Monsters grin and don’t care, and keep saying… we shall enjoy eating you… it is the reason you are born… we with (as Jefferson said) spurs, and you with backs made to be saddled by us, your inexorable superiors.
    What will change America out of its California-Craziness… short of all out Civil War?
    Madison said all leaders have devils on their shoulders (since they aren’t angels, and leaders must acknowledge this by submitting to anti-demonic-schemes.) Our current ensconced leaders LOVE their devils and believe it is their duty to empower their devils and force us to see them as angels… and again, I ask, will anything short of an all out Civil War… humble these tyrants?

  5. Civil War is extremely unlikely. Armed rebellion? Not so much. At some point, it’ll likely be open season on Federal Government officials in some region. In the US, which will be followed by Martial Law. And the end of the Republic. Which is of course the fate of all republics.
    You Americans puzzle me . You threw out George III for a heck of a lot less than your own revolutionary functionaries are now doing to you year in and year out. We (British) were right, and you (colonial rebels and misfits) were wrong. Revolutions never work out in the end. Just think: everything you received in your heyday you could have accomplished as part of the British Empire, and to boot no government of British North America would be treating you in the fashion that your current government does. America has been founded on rejectionism and the overthrow of established. order. Revolution begets revolution, and there you are. You certainly suffer from the fact that you have an elected head of state, and that you have a revolutionary government. How’s that working out for you?

  6. we have a mentally inferior incompetent man at the helm who is a socialist, is anti-american and has skated to the office of the potus secondary to his color and flim flam talents. no way to run a country or a business.

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